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SELF - 2004

(The Planning Page)

Self-2004 Gathering - Westmoreland, VA.Self-2004, the 7th Annual Gathering of Self Family researcher / descendants is planned for April 22 /23 to the 25th, 2004, in Montross (population - 350), Westmoreland County, Virginia, with the main program all day of the 24th. This yearly event is open to all Self family descendants who are interested in researching, sharing, and the preservation of Self / Selph family history and records. This years planning committee includes: David Selph (VA), Diane Taylor (VA), Paula-Jo Cahoon (CA), Wayne Self (VA), Jed Selph (VA), and Daniel McCarthy (GA).

Proposed Schedule of Events (tentative):

April 22, 2004 – Real Early bird gathering

April 23, 2004 – “Possible” all day Tour to Washington, DC., updates to follow. / Early Bird supper, location and time being planned. Contact Diana Taylor at lannytaylor @ to register for tour.

April 24, 2004 - The Gathering.

9:00 - 10:00 AM – Hope Murphy Whitaker, present owner of the majority of the Robert Selfe patent, and where we were told there are remains of a rock foundation of where the Robert Selfe and / or son John Self home once stood, has refused to allow a group or an individual permission upon the said property. Instead, for those interested, a map showing the various county roads as they cross the property can be furnished to those who wish to do a drive-by of the property.

10:30 AM - Time to be determined: Program at the Yeocomico Church, adjacent to the Robert Selfe patent of 300 acres, presented by ---------------, of ---- . This Church and it's history are a must on today’s itinerary. This Church is the second longest continual use Church in North America.

11:00 AM - Dedication of the Robert Selfe Memorial. This event will take place at the Yeocomico Church Cemetery, to the east (right) side of the building and fence, in the Cemetery plot of the early unknown burials, Section 28A. Here we descendants of the early Self family in America will dedicate a bronze plaque mounted upon a granite stone that commemorates Robert Selfe, his wives, and his known children, the first known Selfs in America. See details of the monument in Volume 14 Issue #3, and the plat map of the area presented in Volume 1 of the Newsletter.

12:00 PM - 5:30 PM. The family meal will be held at the Fire and Rescue Building in Montross, VA.. After opening announcements, the blessing of the meal will be presented by --------------. Our meal, prepared by the Ladies Auxiliary, will be Roast beef, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad or fruit cup, bread, and coffee/tea. At the end of our meal we will have an Awards program honoring various members of our group, giving out of a few door prizes, awarding of the Thelma Cornfeld Scholarship, etc. The photo session will be early this year, probably right after the Awards, while we still have all on hand. At 5:00 PM, Jed Selph, not a teacher, in conjunction with LeRoy Self, will present a small workshop for those interested, of touching up of old photos. If you have an old photo you’d like to see touched-up, please contact Jed Selph, in advance, to have your photo the subject of attention. A limited amount of photos please.We are expecting a crowd of nearly 100 this year, so register early. Each Self / Selph descendant is requested to bring an 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper on which they have posted their proven Self lineage or earliest Self ancestor. Also be sure your name is clearly visible so that persons wishing to discuss this line or person, knows who to look for in the crowd. Don’t worry they’ll find you. To be posted on the tile section with approved tape. Bring your laptop, notepad, pens, pencils, family handouts with your name and address, camera, film, etc.As this is a government building, sales and solicitations upon the premises are prohibited.I would also assume that the building will be smoke-free.

5:30 - 7:00 PM Recovery Time.

7:00 Supper at ------------ , --------------.

8:00 - 10:00 - Family meeting in the fellowship hall of the Seventh Day Adventist Church on Hospital Road, Tappahannock, VA. . (located on the south side of town on the way to the hospital) We will evaluate this years Gathering, confirm/plan next years location, and set the future course for Self – Selph family research and agenda, etc.

April 25, 2004 - Farewells after Breakfast. The Days Inn has a Continental breakfast included as part of the room rate. However, for those of you who wish a little more, Shoney's has the breakfast bar and can handle our group.


The Northern Neck of Virginia Historical Society and the Westmoreland County Museum & Library, located at 43 Court Street, Montross, VA., near the Court House, has Monday-Saturday hours of 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM; closed Sunday. This too is a must see. While there say hey to Darlene Tallent who has been so helpful to the Self Family Newsletter group over the years. In downtown Montross at Peoples Drug Store you will find one of two of the last drug store soda fountain counter restaurants in the state. When last there, it would only seat about 8 people at a time. The birthplaces of Robert E. Lee and George Washington are nearby.


Coming in from out of town? We have worked out a deal with the Days Inn in Tappahannock (population - 1,550), located at 1414 Tappahannock Highway (Route 17), phone number 1-804-443-9200 and fax number 1-804-443-2663, Tammy Brooks is the manager, and our price is $54.25 including taxes. Motel is in real good condition, Continental breakfast, but no pool. We have 40 rooms set aside for us until late March 2004.To the Reunion - From downtown Tappahannock, take route 360 across the Rappahannock River to Warsaw (6.5) miles, turn left onto Virginia Route 3 Business Route (for 0.8 miles); turn left onto Virginia Route 3 West (and go 11 miles) to Montross. Turn left onto Lyell Street and follow parking as indicated.Restaurants in Tappahannock / Warsaw for our early bird Friday get-together and Saturday evening meal / meeting, will probably be selected from the following: Roma Italiano (Italian) and Lowery's (Seafood), both with private rooms. Also Cap'n B's (Seafood) on the dock nearby. At last contact, neither is willing to set aside a room specifically for us.


A quick collection of names of persons expressing an interest in attending the Self-2004 Event include:

Sue Ferguson - ID.
Steve Ferguson – ID.
Kay Stevens – MN.
Ed Stevens – MN.
Carol Smith Neeley – TX.
Joseph Brown – IN.
Jane Self - FL.
LeRoy Self - FL.
Gloria Phillips – FL.
Bill Self – NY.
Madeline Nichols – TN.
Isabella Parker – TN.
Louise Smith - AL.
Richard Smith - AL.
Lisa Smith Kirby – AL.
Paul Ramsey - AL.
Nancy Ramsey - AL.
Col. Daniel McCarthy - GA.
Cheryl McCarthy - GA.
Maureen McCarthy - GA.
Sean Patterson - GA.
James Howard - GA.
Doris Howard - GA.
Pamela Self Reynolds – SC.
Sid Arnold - NC.
Annie Arnold – NC.
Ann Taylor – NC.
Greta Taylor – NC.
Kathie Self – MD.
Capt. William Self – MD.
Carolyn Self – MD.
David E. Self – VA.
Jeanine Self – VA.
Diana Taylor - VA.
Lanny Taylor - VA.
Grace Self DeLauder – VA.
Richard Self – VA.
Ann Cathey – VA.
Wahnetah Selph - VA.
David Selph – VA.
Jed Selph – VA.
Wayne Self -VA.
Rose Marie Self - VA.
Andrew Selph – VA.
Doris Selph – VA.
Lena Self – VA.
Christine Jones – VA.
Dr. James A. Selph, Jr. – VA.
Barbara Jones Self - VA.
Caryn Self Sullivan - Belize, C.A.
Fred Schultz – VA.
Kathy Schultz – VA.

Special Guest Attendees:
Charles Mottram Sanford - VA.; Yeocomico Church Cemetery Board.
John F. Wall - VA.; Priest, Yeocomico Church.
Mrs Mary Jane Davis, State Regent of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)

Totals: 50 registered / 14 States

Door Prizes: (listed values - $378.70+)

Four - Cassettes - Legally Correct Fairy Tales, contributed by LeRoy Self. ($20.00)Ten - Self Family Coat-of-Arms coffee mugs, contributed by the Self Family Newsletter. ($40.00)Two - One Year subscriptions to the Self Family Newsletter, contributed by the Self Family Newsletter. ($24.00)Three – One Year subscriptions to the Self Family Newsletter, contributed by Ed and Kay Stevens, MN. ($36.00)“The Lost Fleet”, 280 pp book, contributed by Dan-D Development, Inc., ($27.95)“Galveston”, 378 pp book, contributed by Dan-D Development, Inc., ($24.95)“Richmond Burning”, 312 pp book, contributed by Dan-D Development, Inc., ($27.95) “Richmond Burning”, 312 pp book, contributed by Dan-D Development, Inc., ($27.95)“Midnight to the North”, 187 pp book, contributed by Dan-D Development, Inc., ($24.95)“The Secrets of Inchon”, 319 pp book, contributed by Dan-D Development, Inc., ($26.95) –( the six previously listed books are historical, not genealogical)"Genealogy on Line" by Elizabeth Powell Crowe, contributed by Nancy Ramsey ($24.95)2 - “Life in the Past Lane” rubber stamp, contributed by Diana Taylor.4 – 15 Generation Pedigree Chart, contributed by Diana Taylor.8 – notecards and envelopes from a Virginia artist with a pen and ink of the National Archives, contributed by Diana Taylor.2 – Six Generation Family tree chart, contributed by Diana Taylor.1 – “I Think I’m a Family Tree Nut” rubber stamp, contributed by Diana Taylor.1 – “I think that I shall never see a completed family tree” rubber stamp, contributed by Diana Taylor. (over $50.00 worth of door prizes)

Several major publishers have expressed an interest in donating door prizes.- ie: “Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Cemetery Surname Index, 118 pp book by The Closson Press. ($10.50) See www. Clossonpress. Com“When Your Ox is in the Ditch”, by Vera McDowell, 161 pp book contributed by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. ($12.50) See: www. Genealogical. ComHigginson Book Company is giving a $25.00 gift certificate, plus more. See: www. Higginsonbooks. comNational Genealogical Society will be sending a tote bag and a book.


– Extended Deadline – APRIL 09, 2004 – FINAL DATE

The registration fee for this years Gathering will be $16.50 and will cover the costs of our catered meal and building rental for the Saturday event from noon to 5:30 PM. This is payable, in advance, to Self Family Newsletter, 106 Northside Drive, Calhoun, GA., 30701-2919. Please, do not dally on registering for the Saturday events. And get your room now at the Days Inn (as you can always cancel up to 48 hours prior) as this motel is very limited in rooms. As of now, when you register, We'll send you a brochure as we did for Self-2003, and this time we'll add in some line maps to help you get around. On April 09, the last day we can register to attend the all-day event in Montross, is the LAST day to register. This is the day from which tallies determine the meal, determine our room, the day we make the name tags, determine the Awards, etc. Be registered before the 9th of April, 2004.24, March, 2004 - Watch this page for continual updates.

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