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Robert Selfe

Most longtime researchers agree that Robert Selfe is the earliest known Selfe in America, that he had sons, probable daughters, and left a fair amount of records on himself and his family, and is the probable ancestor of most Self, Selfe, Selph families in America. However proving a lineage back to Robert Selfe, so far, has been impossible, but nevertheless a dedicated group of unified researchers at the Self Family Newsletter continue to strive towards this goal. To encourage all to persevere, the Self Family Newsletter research group has offered a $300 Reward to the first person to prove his/her lineage to Robert Selfe, the immigrant.

*** A special notice will appear in Volume 14 Issue 4 of the Self Family Newsletter from one branch of the family offering $1,000.00 for proof to Robert Selfe, the immigrant.***

Robert Selfe was born about 1628 (1653 - 25 years), we assume, in England. We believe he was first married to a Mary ______(), and secondly to Jane _______, born 1643(). Our first record of him in America is in 1665, the date of the patent of his 300 acres. With his death coming in 1717. His four known children are: Ref; v1 p55, v6 p92, v8 p67, v9 p14.

Robert Self, born ca. 1673 (adult in 1793 - 25 years)Descent by deed of 1711. Ref: SFN v1 p54, v6 p93, v9 p96.

John Self, born ca. 1674 (adult in 1699 - 25 years), died 1733.(will) Descent by deed of 1704 and by fathers will. Wife was Sussannah Blentone. Ref: SFN v1 p10, v8 p67, v1 p55, v9 p16, v1 p33.

Stephen Self, born ca. 1675. Descent by deed and by fathers will. Ref: SFN v8 p67, v9 p96, v12 p85.

William Self, born ca. 1677 (adult in 1702 - 25 years)descent by deed. Ref: v1 p10, v12 p86.

In 1688 there is mention of a Christopher Selfe, age about 14, who is a witness in a trial in which Robert Selfe was the juror. (Can he do that?) This Christopher Selfe is not named anywhere as a child of Robert Selfe, but does seem as such, however we don't know how the loose Francis Self will play out.

The will of Robert Selfe also mentions a grandson - Walter Selfe, but it is unknown, nor implied anywhere, as to whose son he might be.


A collection of some early Self men that have bogus genealogies in print or on the internet. $$$$$ Rewards available on most all of these should you find any proofs. Remember - Genealogy without proof is Mythology

Francis Self of Westmoreland County, VA. This first Francis Self in America (1600's) is not connected to any other Self - period. There are an untold number of lineages, in print, and on the internet, that have Francis Self listed as one of their ancestors, and/or, have him listed as a son of Robert Self, the first Self immigrant. These are false lineages. Francis Self has NO proven connection to ANY Self. There isn't a slightest hint that he is a child of Robert, or that he even had children himself.

Job Self of Westmoreland Co. Va., and later northern North Carolina fame. This is another famous Self that everybody and their uncle claim descent thru. There is no indication that Job had children. If Job had 1/2 the children that people have credited him with, we'd need to find his five wives as well.

Edward Self, 1726-1787+, very well documented life, but no parents or children. See

Ezekial Self / Ezekial Selph, 1741 - 1805. Ezekial Self has a proven father and grandfather making him the oldest Self having a proven lineage that goes back any distance at all. Problem is - Ezekial has no proven children !! Go to this site, currently unfinished, that is trying to make sense of any possible children of Ezekial.

John Self, Edward Self, & Ezekial Self - the three proven brothers of Chester Co. SC who went to Hart Co. KY., and of fame from the Volume 3 murder trial of Elizabeth Self - contrary to all the bogus internet sites listing their parentage, DO NOT have proven parents. There isn't even a slight hint as to where to look to make up some parents. The people who spread this type of garbage really have hurt the hobby. see also; Recently several websites have been promoting totally dreamed up lineages of this branch of the family. To show the absurdities of these people and their falsehoods, this branch will soon be offering $1,000.00 for proof to Robert Selfe the immigrant.

Jenkins Self, 1727 - 1776. Another one of those Selfs who popped up in the middle of no-where without any hint of parents. See:

Do you know of other highly visible phony Self family lineages that are being propagated? Let us inform the new researcher so that they may not fall victim to those who wish to spread false information and disharmony in the group effort.

Encourage RESPONSIBLE genealogy !!!



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10 August 2003 This page revised.

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