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THE ORIGINAL - Founded 1982

*** The ultimate SOURCE of data on the Self / Selfe / Selph families of America.

*** The REFERENCE used most often by Self researchers.

*** On File at: The Library of Congress, DAR Library, Family History Library, The Allen County Public Library, Honey Grove Memorial Library, Wisconsin State Historical, Arkansas State Historical, Virginia State Historical, and on and on.

*** Over 1,380 pages published thus far.

*** Founded in 1982 by and for Self Family researchers. The Self Family Newsletter, in print and online, is the only Self family sites operated and maintained entirely by Self family descendants.


April 26, 2003 is the 6th annual GATHERING OF SELF / SELPH RESEARCHERS to be held this year in Shelby, N.C. Read more about it at the Self-2003 page. This is a must do event. - SELF-2003.BR>

THE ROBERT SELFE MEMORIAL PROJECT is now getting underway as of 14 April 2002. Be a part of this project. Watch the Self Family Newsletter for the final report. Robert Selfe Memorial

*** The membership of the Self Family Newsletter is a virtual "WHO'S WHO" of Self Family researchers. Come meet all these people who have made all these significant contributions to our Self Family heritage over the years.

*** $300.00 REWARD offered to first living person to PROVE lineage to Robert Selfe of Westmoreland County, Virginia. Details follow. Do not be deceived by fake lineages that are currently being propagated.

*** Queries - Always free and unlimited at the Self Family Newsletter. Some queries to be found at the end of Newsletter Index.

*** Murder, Mayhem, Riots, Reward Notices, Deserters, and Hangings, the Self Family Newsletter has it all.

*** THE OFFICIAL HOME OF THE SELF FAMILY - See link at end of site that will take you to , the Official home page of the Self - Selph Families.

What do we print? A Sampling from Volumes I & II includes: The Original Sea-Wolf story; Westmoreland County VA. Deeds; The Selfs Trek West with the Creek Indians; The Killing of James Self; The oft talked about Self Family Marriage Index, and we are updating it more; and usual bible records, census returns, family charts, etc... Read our handy table of contents of the issues below.

You are invited to join in and participate with us as we, all Self family descendants, work together, to PROVE and ENJOY our Self Family heritage and lineage.

The Self Family Newsletter - Index to Contents

by Joan Garvey

VOLUME I, Issue 1; This issues cover featured the Self Family Coat of Arms. Editors Page, Membership and Ancestors, Biography of Elder John W. Self, Story - "SENTENCED TO HANG", Two Revolutionary War excerpts, Westmoreland County Virginia Deed records, Northumberland County Virginia Deed Records, Misc. records of Tennessee, The Family of Francis Self, The 1805 Georgia Land lottery, Misc Records of Kentucky, Land Records of Chatham County N.C., Early Records of South Carolina, Queries.

VOLUME I, Issue 2; The cover of this issue was a plat of the Robert Self patent and showed the heirs of that tract as well as showing adjacent land owners. Editors Page, Membership and Ancestors, Military - the French and Indian War, THE KILLING OF JAMES SELF, Biography of Melchezedec Self, Westmoreland County Virginia Deeds, Northumberland County Virginia Records, Records of the Carolinas, Misc. Records of Maryland, Some Alabama marriages, Index to the Headright and Bounty Grants of Georgia, 1820 Georgia Census Index, 1830 Georgia Census Index, 1807 and 1827 Georgia Land Lotteries, Fayette County Kentucky Marriages, Louisiana Marriages, 1840 Louisiana Census, Two Self Men Who Took Indian Wives, Self Family Marriage Index, Queries.

VOLUME I, Issue 3; On the cover - Francis Self , 1785-1869 , of Calhoun County, AL. Editors Page, membership and Ancestors, The 1790 and 1800 North Carolina Census, Deeds of Jacob Self, Papers from the File of Ezekial Self, Biography of Kenneth W. Self, Westmoreland County Virginia Records, Loudoun County Virginia Records, Military Service - Revolutionary War, Florida Census Index, Alabama Soldiers in the Civil War, Scott County Kentucky Deeds, Marriages of Georgia, Records of Texas, SELFS TREK WEST WITH THE CREEK INDIANS, Marriage Index Part II, Queries.

VOLUME I, Issue 4 On our cover we had Vardeman Self, 1808 - 1887+ of Barren County, KY. Editors Page, Self-Mayhew Letters, Membership and Ancestors, Estate Records of Jefferson County Alabama, 1850 Georgia Census, Military Service - War of 1812, Biography of Thomas Newton Self, Louisiana Land Transfers, Selfs in Creek Lands West, Letters From Warren County North Carolina, Chatham County North Carolina Minute Book Excerpts, 1810, 1820, 1830 South Carolina Census, Powhaten County Virginia Records, Will of William Self, Walter Self - Bill of Sale, Self Family Marriage Index continues, Deed Records of Barren County Kentucky, Queries.

*** Did you know that the Self Family Newsletter has uncovered a minimum of 200 SELF IMMIGRANTS, implied and actual, to America? Most of the recent Self immigrants families have proved their lineage out of the states to England. The remaining Self researchers in America believe they are all descendants of a Robert Selfe in Westmoreland County, Virginia. Proving this line will be difficult at best, thus the success of the Newsletter in being the culmination of the cooperative effort of the avid Self Family researcher.

VOLUME II, Issue 1; How about 9 different ways to spell Self? thats this issues cover. Editors Page, Membership and Ancestors, SELF IMMIGRANTS TO AMERICA, Old England - SHELFDWELLERS AND SEAWOLVES, Bible Records of Loudoun County Virginia, 1782-1785 Virginia Tax Lists, 1810, 1820, 1830 Virginia Census Index, Cemetery Inscriptions - Marion County Alabama, Self Family Bible Records - Scott County Kentucky, 1850 Georgia Census Returns, Self Family Marriage Index - Part IV, John and Baxter Self in Louisiana, Civil War - Union Soldier Pension Claiments, Queries.

VOLUME II, Issue 2; A picture of Nancy Self, born 1806, a daughter of Francis Self adorned this issues cover. Editors Page, Biography of George W. Self, Self Immigrants to America, A Prayer for Genealogists, Membership and Ancestors, Estate of Isaac and Nancy Self, 1850 Georgia Census Addendum, Misc. Florida Records, Chart of Isaac and Nancy Self, MURDER OF WILLIAM N. SELF, MISS AMERICA AND THE MILLIONAIRE, Warren County North Carolina Deeds, Formation of North Carolina Counties, 1830 Census Index of North Carolina, 1850 Edgefield District South Carolina Census, Hart County Kentucky Cemeteries, Civil War - Union Soldier Pension Claiments, Military Service - Mexican War, Presley Self, Membership Location Map, Tracing Your Roots, Queries, Misc. Perry County Alabama Records, Chart of Mrs Howard E. Carbaugh.

VOLUME II, Issue 3; This cover is a map of Honey Grove Texas. Editors Page, Membership and Ancestors, OLD FORT SELF - Cullman County Alabama, 1850 Georgia Census Return, Excerpts of The Family of Josiah Franklin Self, Records of Lunenburg County Virginia, John Self Survey - Halifax County Virginia, Biography of William J. Self, Various Arkansas Census Returns, The Murder of William N. Self, Louisiana Land Transfers, Indian Land Holdings 1800 and 1825, Cover Story - Selfs Fannin County Texas, Misc. Records of North Carolina, Confederate Soldiers - Civil War, Presley Self, Queries and Lineages.

VOLUME II, Issue 4; This quarters cover was a plat of the Selfs in Chester County, SC, showing neighbors who will remove with them to KY. Editors page, Membership and Ancestors, Selfs in Early Alabama, The Will of Samuel E. Self, Georgia Confederate Soldiers, From History of Randolph and Macon County MO., Nalls County Missouri Marriages, 1830-1839 Arkansas Tax Lists, ANSON COUNTY NORTH CAROLINA DEEDS, Warren County North Carolina Deeds, The Murder of William N. Self cont'd, 1880 Texas Census Index of Lee County, Records of Choctaw Nation, Presley Self, Civil War- Confederate Soldiers, Abner Self - A Genealogical Problem, Robert Self and His Sons, Book Review, The L.D.S. Family Registry, Queries.

*** PRESLEY SELF - Oh No ! Are you one of those who traced their Self lineage to a Presley Self? Well the family at the Newsletter wish you to know we have found, probably, a dozen or so Presley Selfs. In Barren County Kentucky we find two Presleys, a father and a son and this family has a connection to Lunenburg County, Virginia where we find an earlier Presley. In Fayette County Kentucky we have a Presley Self, son of Charnock Self, who has a brother Presly in Loudoun County Virginia. Near Charnock Self in neighboring Montgomery County Kentucky we find another Presley Self, prior of Culpepper County Virginia, whose son, another Presley settles in Sullivan County Indiana. In Benton County Alabama we will find two more Presley Selfs, a Presley in Louisa County Virginia, Warren County North Carolina, and one in the Westmoreland / Richmond Counties area of Virginia. Which Presley did you dead-end with, or have you found another one for us?

##### 19 November 2002 UPDATE ##### More Presley Self info. Will everyone with a Presley Self please update your data as previously presented in the Self Family Newsletter. Let's clear up some of the confusion with the over one dozen Presley Selfs running around back then. Be careful in your searches. Seek Proof !!! Contact Dan McCarthy at at your earliest convenience.

VOLUME III, Issue 1; This cover featured John Wesley Self, son of William B. Self and Polly Burleson, and Johns wife Mary Adeline Dickey Self. Editors Page, Membership directory, Catherine Self Tunnell of Texas, Mississippi Marriages and Census Records, David E. Self of Missouri, Misc. Arkansas Records, 1830 Alabama Census, Georgia Confederate Soldiers, Wills of Northumberland County Virginia, Boggers to Bennett Deed, Bible Records of John P. Barnett, Plats From Anson County North Carolina, Louisiana 1850 Census, 1840 Census Index of Mississippi, Confederate Soldiers Pension List, Letter of David Newlin, Biography of Adelia Persis Lewis, Membership and Ancestors, Queries, Chart of Richard Watson Self.

VOLUME III, Issue 2; This unique map cover presented the properties of Vincent, Parrish, and Bradley Self on the waters of Deep River in Chatham County, NC. Editors Page, Membership / Ancestors, Review of Quarterlies, Mexican border Service of Abel Self, Self Marriage Index, Biography of William S. Self, Biography of William Zachariah Self, Newspaper Gleanings, CASTER CEMETERY IN VERNON PARISH Louisiana, Vernon Parish Louisiana 1880 Census, Records of Jackson County Missouri, 1850 and 1860 Misc. Census Returns of Arkansas, Misc. Returns of 1850 Census Virginia, THE MURDER OF ELIZABETH SELF, Computer Corner, Queries, Family Group Sheet of Adam Moore Self Jr.

VOLUME III, Issue 3; This time our cover was Daniel C. McCarty, 1888-1972 and wife Lona W. Self, 1895 - 1941. Editors page, Membership and Ancestors, 1840 Alabama Census, Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia, Misc. Records of Maryland, Revolutionary Account of Vincent Self, The Watson Self Family, The Lee Self Family, The Walter Self Family, 1830,1840, and 1850 Arkansas Census Index, 1830 and 1850 Census Index of Missouri, Fountain and Job Self - Part 1. Inventory of Henry Self, PRESLEY SELF update, Misc. Kansas Records, 1840 Virginia Census Index, Self Marriage Index, cont'd, Queries and Charts.

VOLUME III, Issue 4; This cover was of Dennis Logsdon, son of Dennis Logsdon Sr. and Louvici Self, daughter of John Self. Editors Page, Membership and Ancestors, ESTATE OF BALAAM SELF, Bulloch County Georgia Records, Effingham County Georgia Records, Fountain and Job Self- Part 2, Personal Records of Margarette Self, Buckingham County Virginia Marriages, Presley Self of Macon County Missouri, Selfs and Selphs in Arkansas, John Self of Hart County Kentucky, Edward Self of Barren County Kentucky, Barren County Kentucky Records, Indian Pioneer History (in Oklahoma), Self Cemeteries in Louisiana, Asa Skelton FAMILY BIBLE, 1880 Soundex of Texas, Texas Marriage Licenses, Queries, Chart of Eli Self.

VOLUME IV, Issue 1; A rendering of the Court House in Northumberland County, VA. that was built in 1851. In Memory - Charles Edward Self, Membership and Ancestors, 1840 Alabama Census, 1860 Floyd County Georgia Census, Interview with Thomas Sloan Self, Texas 1880 Soundex, Hart County Kentucky Tax Lists, Misc. Hart County Kentucky Records, Hart County Kentucky Court Records, Records of Morgan County Illinois, Joshua Self of Missouri, Levi Self of Arkansas, The Will of John Self of Frederick County Virginia, Fountain and Job Self - Part 3, Queries, David Jackson Selph Group Sheet, Thomas Dennis Self Group Sheet.

VOLUME IV, Issue 2, Editors Page, Membership and Ancestors, Two Letters of NATHANIEL HENDERSON SELF, Thomas Sloan Self Interview - cont'd., Early Tennessee Land Grants, Caroline County Virginia, Cumberland County Virginia, Frederick County Virginia, Prince Edward County Virginia, Fairfax County Virginia, Fountain and Job Self - Part 4, Genealogy of the Descendants of Job Self and Tamar Stringfellow, The Agony of Defeat, Enlistment of William H. Self, Obituary of William H. Self, Texas 1880 Soundex - cont'd., Queries, Early Map of Florida, Group Sheet of Starling Self.

VOLUME IV, Issue 3; This covers feature attraction was William H. Self 1824-1912 of Hocking County, Ohio.Editors Page, Tennessee Cemetery Records, Proper Names and Nicknames, 1880 Texas Soundex cont'd., John Self Memoir, 1832 Gold Lottery of Georgia, Early Pennsylvania Land Records, Membership and Ancestors, 1880 Missouri Soundex, Alfred Dudley Self Interview, Self Family Marriage Index - cont'd., Mississippi 1880 soundex, Confederate Dead in Union P.O.W. Camps, Ancestor Chart - Charles P. Phillips, William B. Self Group Sheet.

VOLUME IV, Issue 4; Mary Eliza Self, daughter of William Self and Martha Ingle, and husband Robert Nelson, and one neat old car is the cover this quarter. Editors Page, England - Abstracts of Wiltshire, Homes of Family Names in Britain, John Clayton Self, 1880 Texas Soundex cont'd., Records of Westmoreland county Virginia, Records of Lunenburg County Virginia, Alfred Dudley Self Interview cont'd., 1880 Missouri Soundex cont'd, Self Family Marriage Index cont'd., 1900 MISSISSIPPI SOUNDEX, Misc. Tennessee Records, 1850 Tennessee Mortality Schedule.

VOLUME V, Issue 1; Our fifth year started off with Charles And Julia Self, and Daughter BeatriceSelf, ca. 1915 in Vigo County, Indiana. Editors Page, Membership and Ancestors, Queries, England - Inquisitiones Post Mortem, 1880 Missouri Soundex cont'd, Self Family Marriage Index continues, VINCENT G. SELF Pension Application, Jackson County Georgia Misc. Records, 1900 Mississippi Soundex concluded, Self Family Introduction - Virginia to Ohio., Will of Thomas Self, 1900 Louisiana Soundex, Computer Corner, South Carolina Death Records, Self Military Service, Chart of William and Tabitha Self.

VOLUME V, Issue 2; Our cover this issue is featuring William Mitchel Self and wife Nancy Jones, Kansas City, Missouri. Editors Page, Membership and Ancestors, 1850 Alabama Census, 1810, 1820, 1830, and 1840 Kentucky Census, Ohio Selfs, Self Family Marriage Index, 1900 Louisiana Soundex cont'd, 1880 Missouri Soundex cont'd., 1892 Letter of Nathan Berryhill, Melchezedec Self Group Sheet, Irving E. Self Sr. Group Sheet.

VOLUME V, Issue 3; Again this quarter we go to Kansas, Topeka this time with John Franklin Self, wife Mary Ann Thompson, and their eldest child Raymond Harley Self on our cover. Editors Page, Jonathon Self Military Record, 1870 Census Lumpkin County Georgia, Coming Home, 1900 Louisiana Soundex cont'd, Self Families in the United States, Colonial Soldiers of the South, Queries, Self Family Marriage Index, 1850 Kentucky Census, Luvica Self Logsdon Group Sheet.

VOLUME V, Issue 4: Irving Self and son Floyd Self, ca. 1918, Los Angeles, are the big attraction on this issues cover. Membership and Ancestors, 1850 Alabama Census, Self Family Marriage Index, REEDS CHURCH - Caroline County Virginia, Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Solomon Sylvester Self, Queries, Our Cover, Self Marriage Licenses, John W. Self Group Sheet, James Self Sr Group Sheet.

VOLUME VI, Issue 1; Hayden Marion Self born 1868, of GA., AR., and Sherman Texas is our cover this quarter. Editors Page, 1850 Alabama Census cont'd., Oglethorpe County Georgia Records, Queries, Self Families and Their Descendants Living in Indian Territory in 1900, Caroline County Virginia Marriages, Hanover County Virginia Virginia Marriages, King George County Virginia Marriages, Northumberland County Virginia Self Births, Membership and Ancestors, Pauline Shoups Reunion, 1850 Kentucky Census cont'd., 1850 Tennessee Census, An Event in the Life of Ray Harrison Self, TEXAS CEMETERY RECORDS, Civil War Service of Thomas Self, Hayden Marion Self Group Sheet.

VOLUME VI, Issue 2; Mount Pleasant Methodist Church, Scott County, Arkansas beautified our cover this issue. Editors Page, 1850 Alabama Census cont'd., Missouri Records, Self Families and Their Descendants Living in Indian Territory in 1900, Mount Pleasant Methodist Church - Cover Story, Queries, Edgefield County South Carolina Records, Arkansas Records, Ohio Census Records, Herman GoVan Self Family Reunion, 1850 Tennessee Census cont'd, A HISTORY OF MELKSHAM ENGLAND, Membership and Ancestors, Evelyn Bailey - Ancestor Chart, Doris F. Curry - Ancestor Chart.

VOLUME VI, Issue 3; John Frank Self, son of William H. Self (Volume 4 #3) and family are the featured cover. Editors Page, Remembering James Elbert Self, 1850 Alabama Census cont'd., Nelson County Kentucky - Burned Judgements, A History of Melksham England cont'd., VITAL STATISTICS FROM MELKSHAM ENGLAND, 1860 Tennessee Census, 1830 Tennessee Census Index, Records of Fairfax and Loudoun Counties Virginia, Missouri Records, Self Families and Their Descendants Living in Indian Territory in 1900 continues, Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Scott County Arkansas, On the Bookshelf, Membership and Ancestors, Self Reunion, Family Chart of James Harvey Self.

VOLUME VI, Issue 4; Oren Floyd "Jack" Self, son of Reese Bayless Self and Marie Augusta Parmenter are the guests on this cover. Editors Page, 1850 Alabama Census cont'd., Ownbey Self Family, Biography - Nathaniel H. Self, Early Ohio Land Records, Applications and Statements for Citizenship into The Creek Nation, Self Families and Their Families Living in Indian Territory in !900, Misc. Records of Indiana, 1840 Tennessee Census Index, 1812-1820 Tennessee Rent Rolls, Records of England, Virginia Misc., Northern Neck Virginia Grants, On to the Cover, Excerpts of The Diary of Col. Landon Carter, Westmoreland County Virginia Petitioners, Richmond and Buckingham and Caroline Counties Virginia Misc., In Memory of Richard B. Self, Membership and Ancestors, Self Family Reunion Draws Plenty, George Preston Self Group Sheet.

VOLUME VII, Issue 1; This cover presented Robert Henry Self, Eva Mae Self, and Joseph Marion Self, children of Hayden and Fannie Mae Staner Self. Editors Page, Georgia Miscellany, James I. Self Obituary, Applications and Statements for Citizenship into The Creek Nation cont'd., Records of England cont'd., Texas Death Certificates 1903-1940, Membership of the Self Family Newsletter by State with Table and Map, 1880 Louisiana Census, Granville District of North Carolina, Hardin County Kentucky Order Book B, Membership and Ancestors, Queries, William C. Self Group Sheet, James Sidney Self Group Sheet, Claude Orval Self Group Sheet, Presley Preston Self Group Sheet.

VOLUME VII, Issue 2; This quarters cover was a cover indeed with Floyd Self, Alice Combs Self Albert Self, Dewayne Self ,Irving Self, Irving Self jr., and Lucian "Jack" Self. Editors Page, Elijah Self in Alabama, Selfville in Blount County Alabama, Creek Applications, Coleman Self - Highland County Ohio, 1880 Louisiana Census, War of 1812 Research Information, 1900 Texas Soundex, Loudoun County VIRGINIA TITHABLES, Births in Northumberland County Virginia, 1850 Indiana Census, Queries, Membership and Ancestors, Group Sheet of XXX Self, Group Sheet of Littleberry Self.

VOLUME VII, Issue 3; On the cover - Floyd Self, the father of Faye Shankle. Editors Page, More on Elijah Self, Obituary - Presley Self, Huntsville Alabama Land Office and Military Warrants, Old Tuskaloosa Land Office And Military Warrants, Queries, Misc Records of The Joyce Family in Virginia, Cumberland County Virginia Order Book Entry - JENKINS SELF, Will of Alice Self- Westmoreland County Virginia, Chancery File - Presley Self of Loudoun County Virginia, Excerpts from Will and Inventory of Abraham Lay, Bute County North Carolina - Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Session 1767-1779, Possible Origin of Robert Selfe in England, 1900 Texas Soundex, LAND TRANSFERS in Morgan County Illinois, Illinois Misc., Group Sheet of William Self, Group Sheet of Jesse Self.

VOLUME VII, Issue 4; Editors Page, ESTATE OF ISAAC AND NANCY SELF - Addendum, Old Sparta and Elba Land Office records, 1900 Texas Soundex cont'd., Deeds of Rockbridge County Virginia, Old Cahaba Land Office Records, Queries, Membership and Ancestors, Records of England, Ecerpts from The Kentucky Gazette, Group Sheet of John William Self, Group Sheet of Vardiman Self, Group Sheet of John Carter.

VOLUME VIII, Issue 1; Editors Page, W.D. Self - Early Self Researcher, Twiggs County Georgia Misc., Early Kentucky Records, 1900 Texas Soundex cont'd, 1900 Pike County Arkansas Census, William Self - Washington County Tennessee, Creek Citizenship Applications, Queries, Joseph L. Self - Biography, Self - Edwards Marriage Record, Obituary of Mary Ann Self Ragan, Will of Mary Jane Self, BIBLE RECORD of J.F. Self, Chart of James Dixon Self, Chart of Robert Self.

VOLUME VIII, Issue 2; Editors Page, Louisiana Tunnell Obituary, JEFFERSON COUNTY ALABAMA PLAT, Chattanooga Tennessee Misc., 1900 Texas Soundex cont'd., Illinois Misc., Excerpt of Louisa County Virginia Deeds, Wilson V. Self Biography, Index to Texas Confederate Pension Applications, England - Burdun Inquisition, Queries, Creek Apllications Cont'd., Kentucky Records, Kentucky Grants and Surveys, Simpson County Kentucky Excerpts, Ezekial Self.

VOLUME VIII, Issue 3; Editors Page, Bible Records cont'd., Obituaries from the Southern Democrat, Letter of Barteria Peoples, Walter Emmet Self Family Information, SELF FAMILIES IN THE WORLD, Lincoln - Tryon County North Carolina Marriages, Two Cemeteries in North Carolina, Louisa County Virginia Tithables, Louisa County Virginia Judgements, WILL OF ROBERT SELF - Westmoreland County Virginia, James H. Self Biography, 1900 Texas Soundex, cont'd., Query, Albert and Ruby Self Anniversary.

VOLUME VIII, Issue 4; Editors Page, William Moore Self Bible Records, Deeds of Jefferson County Alabama, Lunenburg County Virginia Deeds, 1900 Texas Soundex cont'd., Will of Adam Moore, Loudoun County Virginia Minute Book, 1910 Louisiana Soundex, Queries, Membership and Ancestors, Mildred Self Obituary, 1860 & 1870 & 1880 & 1900 & 1910 Pike County Arkansas Census Excerpts.

Back issues of the Self Family Newsletter are still available, although several issues will be xerox vs offset printing. Back issues are $12.00 per volume/year, which consists of approximately 100 pages, however some backlog exists at present due to shortages of some issues. Volume XIII, our present year is available at $12.00 per volume/year. Order from:

The Self Family Newsletter,
106 Northside Drive,
Calhoun, GA., 30701
Fax: 706-625-4521

Help support the coordinted research and preservation effort of the Self - Selph family of America. Insure that this information is FREELY shared amongst all Self-Selph family descendants who seek data on their own family. Share real data with real cousins, not goobleygook sold to you on a CD.

VOLUME IX, Issue 1; Our cover photo here is Elijah Self (1852 - 1942), with 2nd wife Louramey Truitt Self, children, and grandchildren. Editors Page, Loyalty Oaths of Alabama, Presley Self of Alabama, Pension Application of Nancy Self, K W Self - Sullivan county Indiana, Arkansas Land Records, Self Family of Cumberland County Kentucky, JANE SELF DEPOSITION -Westmoreland county Virginia Order Book, Georgia Misc. Records, 1910 Louisiana Census Returns cont'd., Another Self Immigrant to America, Queries, Books and Looks, Isaac Self Group Sheet.

VOLUME IX, Issue 2; From Edmonson County KY., our cover displays William Amos Self and wife Lillie Blair, and children Ollie, Eila, Bessie, Lester, Ovie, and Sansal Self. Editors Page, 1816 Monroe County Mississippi Territorial Census, ISAAC SELF PROBATE, Index of Alabama Death Certificates, 1910 Louisiana Census Returns cont'd., Virginia Misc., Floyd County Georgia Cemeteries, Chatham County North Carolina Court Minutes, Coleman Ledbetter Statement, Barren County Kentucky Marriages, Barren County Kentucky Vital Statistics, Barren County Kentucky Camp Ground Cemetery, Ammons and Self Family Reunion of 1989, Texas Death Index 1903-1940 conclusion, Early Indiana Marriages, Pension Application of Nancy Self cont'd., Descendants of Jacob Self Sr., 1910 Texas Census and Soundex, Robert Ferguson - Surgeon's Mate, Queries.

VOLUME IX, Issue 3; Continuing with Edmonson County on our cover, we have Silas Milbern Self and family - Allie, Dora Candace, Ethel Leola, Ella Mae, and Effie Pearl. Index of Alabama Death Certificates, cont'd, Mississippi Connections, 1910 Louisiana Census Returns conclusion, Pension Application of Nancy Self conclusion, Powhatan County Va. Deeds, Indiana - misc. records of Posey County and Perry County, SELF IMMIGRANTS TO AMERICA, Robert Self of Westmoreland County Va. (PART 1), 1910 Texas Census and Soundex continues, Louisiana Cemeteries, Georgia - Update, Bible Records of W.J. Self, Biography of Thomas Self (VA-IN), Mount Harmony (NC) Baptist Church Cemetery, Membership and Ancestors, Queries, Photos of David Washington Self and wife Elizabeth L. Sibley, and of Franklin Dawson Self.

VOLUME IX, Issue 4; Our cover this quarter features William Morton Self and Elizabeth C. Self, son and daughter of Franklin Monroe Self and Mary Perkins. Twelve cemeteries from Marion County, AL., Four cemeteries from Barren Co. KY., Barren Co. Ky. Vital Statistics, John Self's Momentuous Journey, SELF FAMILY PREACHERS, Queries, 1788 Loudoun Co. Va. Tax List, 1910 Texas Census and Soundex continues, Membership and Ancestors, Mount Carmel Cemetery, Sabine Parish, La., Isaac and Susan Self Descendants Reunion, Cousins Helping Cousins, Self Family Researchers Gathering, 1787 Beaver Creek Baptist Church Petitioners, Robert Selfe - Part 2 - The Descent of the Patent (w/ plat map), John Self Pension Application, Battle of Hot Waters, Books and Looks, J.C. Self Obituary.

VOLUME X, Issue 1: Deleted somehow - see

VOLUME X, Issue 2; Editors Page, The Family of Allen R. Self, Lennie C. Self Obituary , Elbert County Georgia Deeds, 1850 North Carolina Census, 1850 South Carolina Census, LaPlata Missouri Cemetery Records , A Glimpse of Hardin County Kentucky - 1800 , 1910 Texas Census & Soundex, cont'd, Thomas Ross Self Interview, Self Immigrants to America, Membership & Ancestors, Queries Page, Reunions, New Salem Cemetery, Oklahoma, Wininger Cemetery, Indiana, Bluff Springs Cemetery, Indiana , Selph-Self-Selfe Family Newsletter (Florida), Internet Data Page, The Gathering II, William D. Selph, James Self - Early Ancestor, James Self - Group Sheet, John W. Self - Group Sheet, Ellen Self, England to Canada Photos, Vincent Daniel Self - Group Sheet, Forgus Self - Group Sheet

VOLUME X, ISSUE 3 Editors Page, Richard Allen Self Reunion, Alabama Death Certificate, The Marriage of Jesse Self & Mary Narramore, Jackson County Georgia Court Record, White Plains Baptist Church Cemetery, Mail Service - Rocky Hill, Kentucky, Self Preachers - William Coleman Self, 23 Texas Cemeteries (a new feature), 1910 Texas Census & Soundex,

We are now printing Volume 13 of the Newsletter, and we are way behind in updating this webpage. Be sure to see our large site at Volume 10

Volume 11

Volume 12- Issue 1; Editors Page, Virginia - Excerpts from Powhatan County Order Book, Virginia - War Grant Claims Rejected, Virginia - Larkin Self Pension Application Excerpts, Virginia - Louisa County Deeds, Virginia - Map, Camp Creek Louisa County, Queries, Texas - Biography of P.D. Self, Kentucky - Cemetery Inscriptions, Kentucky - Self Properties w/in Mammoth Cave National Park, North Carolina - Selections from 1870 Census, North Carolina - Arminda Self Death Certificate, Indiana - Index to Marriages, Part 1, Arkansas - Statewide Loose ends, Oklahoma - 1910 Soundex & Census, cont'd, Tennessee - Death Certificates, Tennessee - Rhea County Petition of 1813 , Alabama - John W. Wilkinson Reminiscences, 2001 - A Self Odyssey, Self Family Directory, cont'd, Headrights, Wiltshire FHS, Copyright, Bigamy.

Volume 12- Issue 2; Editors Page, Arkansas - Statewide Loose ends, Indiana - Index to Marriage, Part 2, England Misc., Georgia - Oglethorpe County Deeds, Louisiana - William Self Will, North Carolina - William Self Will , Membership / Internet, Alabama - 1900 Soundex , Oklahoma - 1910 Soundex, Kentucky - Littleberry Self Civil War Pension, Queries, Obituaries, Reunions, Religion Page, Group Sheet - Clinton Smith Self.

Volume 12 - Issue 3;

Volume 12 - Issue 3;

Volume 13 - Mailout date - January 15, 2002 -

Nationwide Researcher Gatherings

THE GATHERING - On April 10, 1999, in Gadsden, Alabama, a small group of Self Family researchers representing various branches of the family, met for the second time to socialize and to discuss the Self family. Attending this event were 37 Self family researchers.

On April 08 , 2000, in Gadsden, Alabama, a larger group (67) of Self Researchers met. This was an event to remember, with Self / Selph researchers coming from 9 states, and many came for 3 days.

On April 28th, 2001, in Westmoreland County, we held "2001 - A Self Odyssey". The Greatest gathering yet. Papers flew as volumes of data was exchanged between participants. So many meeting co-researchers for the first time.

April 27, 2002, Gadsden, AL. will be the site of SELF-2002, the 5th National Gathering of Self / Selph family researchers. BE THERE !!!!


Email List Programs - Keep informed of all the happenings in the Self family. Join one or several of the email listing programs available at Self Family Newsletter. "Self-Family" is for researchers in the US in a national effort to solve the family lineage; a group of 600+. For those who only wish a monthly notice, there is the A-list of nearly 300 subscribers. "CaveCountrySelfs" - is a group of 80 researchers with a southcentral kentucky connection. A list program of nearly 50 exists for those Selfs with an immediate UK connection. Contact the Newsletter to be placed on one of these lists. Be informed, keep up to date. Contact Dan

More to come - 11/19/2001. Date of page revision. For information on the SELF FAMILY NEWSLETTER contact or at alternate address SelfFamily@bigfoot. com. This site is the original Self family webpage that Dan started with, but as you can see, it's not the greatest. Then along came Jami Hamilton, our famous webmissy, in 1998 who built the present website, the Official website of the Self family of the world. We will do the best to keep this site updated, but there is no way this even puts a scratch into all the information that is available thru the Newsletter / site.

At the bottom of the page we have posted a few links to sites that may benefit you in your search of your Self Family. Notice the wording - only a few, for we are just now starting to place these. Please bear with us, as this section too, will grow. For the ultimate Self Family webpage, go to

Self Family Newsletter saturday night CHAT ROOMS, since early 98. Do you want to learn and discuss your Self Family in one convenient stop? Jami Hamilton is your host of a twice monthly programme that starts off with a few minutes of chit-chat, followed by introductions, then an educational presentation on research, records, and the like, and ending with general talk on the various Self Family branches and problems. I believe quite a few people have made great strides in their research by attending these sessions. You've never been to a room that is so informative and full of friendly people as this one here. Contact the newsletter that you wish to be put on the thursday night notification list for the chat room reminders.

Note: This Table of Contents page is but months into the making. No ads. No Glitz. We don't do your tree - you must PROVE it. Just some general information to help you in your search for your most elusive Self ancestors. Stop in again. Queries follow.


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$300.00 REWARD to the first person who submits his/her genealogy back to Robert Self (will of 1713) Westmoreland County, VA. Said lineage must be PROVEN. Said lineage must contain a Self surnamed person born after 1815, and who must appear as head of household in two consecutive census returns from 1840 and later. Lineage with references / proofs to be submitted to the Self Family Newsletter with rights given to reproduce for the world to see. Submitter to have been a member of Self Family Newsletter for four previous months. Contact the newsletter prior to submittal - your cousin might have beat you.

$200.00 REWARD. Have three proven brothers - John, Edward, and Ezekial Self, proven by the "Murder of Elizabeth Self" ( see Self Family Newsletter Vol. 3 issue 2) who resided in Chester County S.C. from 1790 to 1807. Will give $100.00 for proof to father or mother. Contact

A $50.00 Reward has now been offered for the PROVEN parentage of Bradley or Vincent or Parrish Self, of Chatham County, N.C. Should, in some fluke, the father turn out to be Job Self, an extra $50.00 will be paid by the poster of this reward. To claim - contact, and mention Bradley Self. This offer has been renewed.

$50.00 REWARD. This offering goes to the first person who can find a proven blood relative of Francis Self (the first one) of Westmoreland County, VA. Any blood relative will do. This poor guy is all by himself in America. Doesn't anyone want to claim him? Contact

FREE FREE FREE - Got your attention yet ? FREE FREE FREE

Free one year subscription (Volume number 13) to the first person who can answer the following question: . Who was the first SELF, in the military, to die for this country? Give his name and dates. Contact:

FREE SUBSCRIPTION. Come back in a few weeks and be our 5,000 th visitor to our little Table of Contents page, and immediately drop us an Email and claim a free subscription to Volume 13 of the Self Family Newsletter.

Do you have a reward to post? Contact us.

The Self Family Newsletter
106 Northside Drive
Calhoun, GA., 30701

To subscribe to the Self Family Newsletter, remit $12.00 to the above address for your one year membership, which includes 4 issues of the current volume / year. Some complete volumes of 1 thru 11 are still available at $12.00 per Volume.

Always remember - PROVE IT !


In 1980 a group of Self Family researchers seeking the means to work together to solve our family, seek out new data, and preserve our history and heritage banded together as the Self Family Newsletter. In 1982, our first edition came out, with the membership as the editors and staff, and such is still the same today. Our quarterly publication is meant to serve the die-hard Self family researcher who wants to PROVE his/her line. "Tree Squeezers" are most welcome to seek out our help, who knows, you might become addicted like us. Our members have free and unlimited queries and all are invited to be as active as they wish. We do anything related to the SELF family - family reunion notices, old stories, family photos, obituaries, good news and bad news, we print it all.

Who are all the KNOWN SELF FAMILY RESEARCHERS? This link will take you to all known persons who have expressed an interest in researching, proving, and preserving records of the Self family. Persons who will share data with other researchers and to work in a unified effort. Work and fellowship with REAL family descendants.

From the Self Family Newsletters inside cover:

The Self Family Newsletter is a quarterly created for the purpose of gathering, compiling, publishing, and the permanent preservation of the historical and genealogical records of the Self Family of America. This is a non-profit adventure into research of the surname Self, Selfe, Selph, and any variations.

Material for publication is solicited from the membership. All original material for publication should be fully documented and will be reviewed and accepted by the editors, who reserve the right to edit as deemed necessary, and to place priorities on materials presented. Proven errors or mistakes, factual or opinion, are gladly retracted, in the next available issue.

Queries are unlimited in size or appearance. These queries are the life of your newsletter. Please feel free to submit your charts, group sheets, wills, deeds, census records, stories, and data in general, of your Self family.

Disclaimer: The Self Family Newsletter formed in 1982, is NOT associated with any other groups or individuals, publications or websites, formed in recent years with VERY similiar names to ours. Although imitation is supposedly a form of flattery - we're not flattered in the slightest. We're still the original source of quality information on the Self / Selph family.

The indexing of over 60,000 names from the Self Family Newsletter is currently (Aug. 8, 2002) underway by dedicated, hard working, sharing researchers of the Self family. Do your part - SHARE the wealth of information !!! Send your data to the Self Family newsletter for publication and storage in National record depositories.



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