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These are selected queries from Volumes 9 and 10 of the Self Family Newsletter. Use your find function to locate the Self you seek from the queries below, then consult your newsletter. The first number is the Volume (9) or 1998, the second number is the issue of that year (2), next is the page number (50), and finally the query on that page (1) - thus the 92501 of the query that follows.

All Self - Selph family descendants are encouraged to submit a query on their Self - Selph ancestor to the Self Family Newsletter. Please define your problem ancestor in detail, as the Self family is quite complex. Include not only what you are seeking of the individual mentioned, but be sure you have noted dates, places of events, known relatives (brothers, sisters)etc. Your query will then be published in the next Newsletter which goes to 350+ serious researchers and 20+ libraries throughout the nation and the UK. Several weeks later your query will then be posted on the website.

92501 My greatgrandmother, MARTHA ELIZABETH SELF married John Foster Hodnett in 1866 in Oktibbehha County, MS., Her parents were LABORN "L.B." SELF and Nancy ELLIS. Laborn was born 1829 in GA. and Nancy was born in 1832 in TN. Laborns parents were SAMUEL E. SELF born 1811 in GA. and Milly ASHWORTH born 1811 GA., married in Elbert County GA. in 1827. Laborn moved from Tuscaloosa County Al. by 1864 for his son Berry was born in MS in 1864. Laborn Self was in Tuscaloosa County for the 1850 and 1860 census and in 1870 he was in Oktibbehha County, MS. census, and died there. Laborns sister Merial Frances Self was married in Tuscaloosa County AL in 1853. His brother Noah was married in Bibb County GA. in 1854. The Self family living in Starkville MS presently state that "LB" was the nephew of Andrew Self, born 1814 in TN, whose father was EZEKIAL SELF born 1788 in NC. Would love to exchange information with anyone who believes thay have a connection whatsoever with this family.

#72482 Seeking information on one ELIZABETH SELF, born 06 April 1831 near Alton, Illinois, died 31 May 1929, married to Andrew Jackson Denny, 17 March 1850, in Madison County, Illinois. Elizabeth SELF may be the child of John D. Self and Nancy Ann Voyles. Does anyone know of this SELF - DENNY connection?

#73551 Interested in parents or siblings of WILLIAM SELF, will proved in 1791, in Cumberland County, VA., naming children: Thomas, William, Kezekiah Hucheaba, Jinne Farmer, Jemima Homeley, Frances Ann Ramsey (born 1763), Sarah Woolston (Walston), and Susannah (who md. James Smith 1793). William was living in Prince Edward County, VA., in 1779 when he bought land in Bedford County in an area that became Campbell County by 1782. Sold land in Campbell County in 1786. In Cumberland County by 1782 (tax list). His son Thomas is said to have migrated to Green County, KY.

#74908 Searching for parents and siblings of VINCENT SELF, will proved 1807 Bourbon County KY. From Orange County VA. to KY by 1789. Daughters: Elizabeth md John Perry Barnett and Sarah md. Reuben Terry. Possibly other children.

#73551 Interested in parents or siblings of WILLIAM SELF, will proved in 1791, in Cumberland County, VA., naming children: Thomas, William, Kezekiah Hucheaba, Jinne Farmer, Jemima Homeley, Frances Ann Ramsey (born 1763), Sarah Woolston (Walston), and Susannah (who md. James Smith 1793). William was living in Prince Edward County, VA., in 1779 when he bought land in Bedford County in an area that became Campbell County by 1782. Sold land in Campbell County in 1786. In Cumberland County by 1782 (tax list). His son Thomas is said to have migrated to Green County, KY.

#72482 Seeking information on one ELIZABETH SELF, born 06 April 1831 near Alton, Illinois, died 31 May 1929, married to Andrew Jackson Denny, 17 March 1850, in Madison County, Illinois. Elizabeth SELF may be the child of John D. Self and Nancy Ann Voyles. Does anyone know of this SELF - DENNY connection?

#91221 Desire information in connection with my great grandparents WILLIAM D. SELPH born ca. 1809 in NC and Mary LANG born ca. 1818 in TN., married 06 June 1835 in Maury Co. TN. Children: George b. ca. 1836, John A. b. ca. 1840, William M. b. ca. 1840, Anderson Pinkny b. 16 Nov. 1845, Martha J. b. ca. 1846, James C. b. ca. 1848, Sidney b. ca. 1852, Thomas b. ca. 1854, Eliza (Louisa) b. ca. 1859, Julia b. ca. 1837, all born in TN. Apparently family in Lewis County in 1850, Madison County in 1860, Gibson County in 1870, and Crockett County in 1880. Last record William D. and Mary Lang Selph, ages 72 and 68 respectively, shown in 1880 census of Crockett County Tennessee, Civil District No. 4 (Coxville Community). Desire any information as to parents of William D. Selph and Mary Lang, their siblings, previous residences, and/or movements, date of death, burial, date and place of birth, oe any other information in connection with anyone in this family. Will exchange information.

#91222 My paternal great grandmother was SALLIE M. SELF, born December 1857 in Georgia, died 04 May 1939 in Columbus GA. The death certificate says her father was Tom Self, nothing listed on her mother. She, Sallie Self, married CHARLES WILLIS KILGORE and they had at least 12 children. They lived in Lawrence County Alabama in 1900, Webster County GA. in 1920, and then they moved to Columbus (Muscogee County) GA. I hope Sallie is in someones records.

#91223 I am trying to find record of my father. His name is CLAUD RAYMOND SELF, born about 1912-1913 in Whitewright (Grayson County) Texas. There are no birth records for him in that county, nor any delayed birth records. He lived in Slaton TX and accordind to my great uncle there - "his parents lived down the street and around the corner". Once when my mother and Iwere in Slaton, we called upon them, however they claimed no knowledge of a "C.R." Self. My mother had met CR in Lubbock TX when she was at Texas Tech., and they ran off to Childress TX to get married. I have this marriage certificate, however no parental information there. In late 1939, CR was supposed to be in Shamrock TX, in the panhandle north of Amarillo. My parents were divorced in 1940 in Floyd County TX. I had heard that he was the black sheep of a very good family. No knowledge of any siblings. This is sparce information at best - but it's all I have.

#92492 Seeking maiden name of Elizabeth, married to JACOB SELF, ca. 1770. Jacob is listed in 1800 census Cabarrus County, NC.

#92493 Are you of the Selfs of Edmonson / Hart / Barren counties Kentucky? Please make contact as 12 of us in the newsletter are combining our resources and energy to work on this branch of the family.

#92501 My greatgrandmother, MARTHA ELIZABETH SELF married John Foster Hodnett in 1866 in Oktibbehha County, MS., Her parents were LABORN "L.B." SELF and Nancy ELLIS. Laborn was born 1829 in GA. and Nancy was born in 1832 in TN. Laborns parents were SAMUEL E. SELF born 1811 in GA. and Milly ASHWORTH born 1811 GA., married in Elbert County GA. in 1827. Laborn moved from Tuscaloosa County Al. by 1864 for his son Berry was born in MS in 1864. Laborn Self was in Tuscaloosa County for the 1850 and 1860 census and in 1870 he was in Oktibbehha County, MS. census, and died there. Laborns sister Merial Frances Self was married in Tuscaloosa County AL in 1853. His brother Noah was married in Bibb County GA. in 1854. The Self family living in Starkville MS presently state that "LB" was the nephew of Andrew Self, born 1814 in TN, whose father was EZEKIAL SELF born 1788 in NC. Would love to exchange information with anyone who believes thay have a connection whatsoever with this family.

#93721 Am descended from John and Catherine Berryhill Self and Baxter and Susanna Berryhill Self. John born ca. 1793, and Baxter born ca. 1795, were brothers. Catherine born ca. 1795, and Susanna born ca. 1802, were sisters. My grandmother was Rena Vowell Harwell, daughter of Hampton and Martha Ann (Self) Vowell. Martha Ann Self, daughter of Samuel and Clarinda (Berryhill) Self. Samuel, son of John and Catherine (Berryhill) Self. My grandfather was Walter Harwell, son of Ausborn and Mary Lou (Self) Harwell. Mary Lou, the daughter of John B. and Elizabeth (Welch) Harwell.John B., the son of Baxter and Susanna Berryhill Self.

#93722 My Self family begins with my grandmother Sarah Angeline Self , who was born 03 March 1861 in Madison Co. AR, per her Civil War Pension application, however most of her life was spent in Roseville, Twp. Logan Co AR. She was married to John Ambrose Shropshire, 24 Dec. 1885, a widower with 4 daughters - Alva, Inez, Izora, and Elzora. John and Sarah had - Oscar, Pearl, Marion, Opie, Tessie, Lillie, and Grace. Sarah died 11 Jan. 1941 in Roseville, AR. Sarahs parents may be a Nathan H. Self and wife Sarah Sexton, with Nathan as a son of Elijah Self and wife Sarah Fletcher.

#93723 My line is Jacob Self b. ca. 1750 VA.; thru Melchezedec Self b. 1777 NC and wife Catherine Moore b. ca. 1784 PA; Clarissa Self b. ca. 1804 TN and husband William Wright b. ca. 1800 NC; Susan Wright b. 31 July 1827 AL. And husband Jeremiah F. Dobbs b. 02 June 1821 GA.; Jabez Newton Dobbs b. 27 Jan. 1846 AL. and wife Sarah Ann Brown b. 05 Aug. 1848; Albert Ross Dobbs b. 17 March 1878 Honey Grove, Fannin County, TX. and wife Cynthia Adkins b. 15 Sept. 1878 Lamar County, TX.

#93724 My grandmother Alice Gertrude (Loper) Luis was born in McLennan County, TX. in 1873. She died in 1926 and on her death certificate it lists her parents as John Lewis and Martha Self, however the marriage certificateof Alice in 1895, she spells her name as Luis, which is how the family remembers the spelling. The 1926 obituary of Alice states she was born in McLennan Co., but moved to Callahan Co. TX. where she married.

#93731 I am descended from Isaac Self, born 1807 GA. and wife Sarah Elizabeth Jeter. They were married about 1829 / 30, and lived in Georgia 1830-1836 where three daughters were born - Elizabeth in 1830, Susan in 1833, and Tabitha in 1835. They moved to Jefferson County Alabama where son John was born in 1837, and daughter Jane in 1840. Isaac and Sarah then moved on to Pontotoc Co. MS., where was born - Isaac in 1844, Mary Ann in 1846, Sarah in 1849, Andrew in 1853, and William in 1855. By 1860, the family was living in Sevier Co. AR. It appears that Isaac died prior to 1863 and Sarah remarries to Nathan Kennedy in 1865. In the trek west, the Selfs moved along with the Cornelius Jeter family and the Jordan family.

#93734 My earliest ancestor is Daniel Self, born about 1785 in Culpeper County, VA. and died 1841 in KY. From Va. He moved to NC and had 11 children by his first wife (name unknown), then he removed to Ky and married 2nd to Mary childress who bore him 3 daughters and one son, John Waller Self who was born 1834 in Logan Co. Ky. John Waller Selfs obituary mentions his father as a Presley Self, but I have found no evidence of this as yet.

#93734 The following is information regarding William Greenbury (Greenberry) Self. William Greenberry Self was born May 18, 1851, and died in 1942, and was married to Loucinda "Emma" Adline Pitts of Cherokee county, Georgia, in or about 1868. Married 2nd to Nancy Garrett April 09, 1922. The children are: John Dee Self b. Oct 15,1870; William Lee Self b. May 27, 1874; Loucinda Estelle Self b. Jan. 16, 1880; Doctor Riden Self b. April 27, 1884, Earley Melvin Self b. Aug. 10, 1886; Ida Self b. April 22, 1889; and Daniel Squiar Self.

#93742 Preachers and Old Time Religion. Were any of your Self ancestors ministers or traveling preachers? Please tell of them. What counties or areas did they spread the word? Which Church affiliation / denomination. Any Stories? Would like some references and materials from any church magazines / publications / histories. What years did they serve the Lord?

#93743 Information sought on Elijah Self, born ca. 1782 SC, died 1851 AR.. Verification of Data needed if indeed his father was Spencer "John" Self (ca. 1752 - ca. 1816), birthplace, place of death, marriage date and place, and wife's name. also would like to know if any Indian connection with these Selfs. Family legend says there was, but I have not been able to track it down.

#94831 - My greatgrandfather Marion Self was born in 1835 Indian Territory, married Elizabeth Patillian in Saline Parish, LA., on Feb. 04, 1859. Would like to hear from others working on this line.

#94832 - I am looking for an Amos M. or N. (Newton) Self that was b. circa 4-1848 in Union. Lumpkin or Towns Counties in GA, possibly a son to Thomas R. and Nancy Self. He married to Margaret L.? circa 1869. She was b. in NC circa 1851. They were on the 1880 and 1900 Monroe County, TN Census records, but I cannot locate them after 1900. I checked the 1910 Texas soundex, but with no luck. The 1900 Census states that Amos was a stationary engineer, possibly with the railroad I suppose. Their children listed on the 1900 Census were: Luthanna, Callie, Calvin, John & Marshal. Any help will be appreciated.

#94833 - Forgus Self, b. 1818 md Mariah Jenkins, b. 1824. Had children: Sarah, Vincent, Thomas, Elizabeth, William, David, Cooper, and Robert. William Lackey Self md. Ellen Parker ca 1874 in Pike County, AR. Is anyone else working this line?

#94901- I descend from John J. Self, born circa 1825-30 in NC or GA. He married Lydia Avaline Waters on 10-23-1851 in Union County, Ga. I believe John was a son to Job P. Self, but this has not been proven . John Self's son, Rev. Cicero C. Self was my great great grandfather . William Emery Self was my great grandfather. My grandfather was Charles Lawson Self and my father is Rev. Tommy G. Self. This set of Selfs left Union and Lumpkin Counties in GA and came to East Tennessee (Monroe County) and settled around 1885. Today their descendants primarily live in Monroe and Blount counties in Tennessee.

#94902 - Alexandra Marian Self b 1835 in Indian Territory died between 1900 and 1904 in Saline Parish, LA. (not sure of the year) His wife was Elizabeth Patillion. Joseph C. Self my grandfather born Feb.7, 1877 died June 23,1950 married Betty Latham. Edward Franklin Self my father born Oct. 7,1897,died Aug. 16,1978 in Saline Parish. Married Eula Stephens.

#94903 My line is Job Self (born before 1760), moved from Kentucky to Missouri with wife Mary. Samuel Self, born 1800 in KY., died 1854 in Texas County Missouri and had wife Elsie. Phoebe Ann Self, born 1822 Missouri, died 1906 Moniteau County Missouri, and was married to Samuel Worley. Job's father may have been Phillip Self. I am interested in learning more of Robert Self, the immigrant.

#94904 - Susan Self b. ca. 1795-1810 N.C. she died 1833 Perry Co. Tenn. Do not have parents, only __ Self Oklahoma Indian Territory, Creek Indian roll. Susan Self Story and Henry had three known children, Melvin. 1-2-1828 Mahala Story Reed b. 1829 she married Joseph Reed, and the other daughter was Mary Emily Story b. 1831 m. James T. Reed. After Susan Self died Henry Story m. Nancy b. 1810, some family member think Nancy was a sister to Susan Self. Nancy and Henry m. 1833. People of Appleton or Hector Pope Co. Ar. remember in the 1850 seeing Susan's father dressed like a chief, ear rings and full dress. There were a lot of Cherokee Indians in this part until they were forced out in the early 1830's.

#94905 - My Self family lineage begins with my paternal grandmother, Mary France Self (1864-1954), wife of Franklin Plummer Landrum (1862-1906). Her father and mother were James M. Self was the son of John Self (abt. 1793) and Catherine (Berryhill) Self (1800-1871). My Father and Mother - James Franklin Landrum (1895-1977) and Necia Virginia (Stephens) Landrum (1903-1975).

#94891 - Mississippi - My Self family started with Ezekiel/Hezekiah Self b-abt 1788 in NC and Nancy (UK) b-abt 1787 in SC. An Ezekiel bought 40.50 acres of land in Tuscaloosa in 1837 in the St. Stephens area. First definitely found Hezekiah buying 80.04 acres and Andrew, his son, buying 40.12 acres in Blount County, Ala. near each other in 1838 through the Huntsville land office. Then to Mississippi buying land near each other in Oktibbeha Co. Miss. Hezekiah/Ezekials son, Samuel E. and his son, Laborn Lewis "LB'' Self were buying land near each other in Tuscaloosa along with Wm. E. Self. Wm. E. Self was buying in Tuscaloosa as early as 1839 also. Don't know exactly now Wm. E. and Samuel fit together but believe they're brothers. Wm. E. died before 1860 because his wife, Martha was a widow in 1860 census in Ala. The Wms. Are confusing because there are several Wms. Buying land in the Tuscaloosa and Huntsville land offices but William E. began buying land in Huntsville and Tuscaloosa in 1839 along with Samuel E. and LaBorn in Tuscaloosa Co. By 1870 Samuel disappears unless he's the Samuel buying land in Arkansas but LaBorn moves to Oktibbeha Co. Miss, Hezekiah/Ezekiel and Andrew were definitely the grandfather and uncle of Laborn. Laborn b-1829 and his wife, Nancy Ellis b-1832, settled and died in Oktibbeha Co. Miss. Martha Elizabeth Self, d/o Laborn & Nancy m'd John Hodnett. Martha & John's daughter, Tinnie D Hodnett and Daniel Copland were married in Starkville, Ms. and lived there for a year. Laborn and Nancy Ellis were buried in the Salem Baptist Church Cem. Which I visited this summer and it is totally destroyed. Laborn bought and owned some beautiful land in Columbus, Miss, for a year prior to moving back to Phenix City, Ala. And then across the Chattahoochee River to Columbus, Ga. where Daniel Copland became fire chief here. Prior to Daniel becoming fire chief, it seems that all of my Self families were land owners and farmers. Tinnie and Daniel had; my mother, Tinnie Bee b-1911 {named after both her mother and father - Daniel was called Bee}. Tinnie Bee married Henry Alton Wood and had 5 children, 4 girls and one boy. Tinnie Ditus Hodnett's, the daughter of Martha Elizabeth Self, family has been in the Phenix City, Alabama-Columbus, Georgia area 1874.

#94892 - Missouri - Last year, I located two additional Self generations. Previously, I ended with John Henry Self (my gggrandfather, 1823-1903), and had only indirect evidence of his father Joshua (1798-1880) . Reba Patton had the information to prove no only Joshua, but Joshua's father Job (1760-18??). In return, I had the information to help sort out some of Joshua's family relationships. Happily, Reba also led to the original researcher of the Joshua and Job information, Maurine Self , who led me to the Self Family Newsletter.! I believe Job is eventually descended from Robert Selfe, but I have no proof - at least yet! Growing up I never suspected that our Self family was as large as it!

#94893 Starting with my father, Lawrence C. Dixson; b. 1908 OK., Della Self, b. 1885 Robeline. LA.; James Buchanan Self, b. 1857, Cherokee Co. TX.; Samuel Self, b. 1830 AR.; to John Self, b. 1793 in GA. I do have family group sheets on these families and will share with any interested party.

#101151 Of interest is Col. Allen Self, born 29 Sept. 1800, and died June 1856. So how did he become a Col.? At War of 1812, he was 12, and he died prior to Civil War. How else can one become a Colonel? Also from Barren County, KY. - who were the parents of Clara N. Self, born 31 Dec. 1911, Cave City. Who were the parents of Eugene W. Self, born June 1904, died Nov. 1987. Need parents of Stanley W. Self, born May 1931, died July 1954. To whom was Sudie E. Page Self, born April 1868, died Jan. 1952, married to?

#101152 Clarence Andrew Self married Sallie Ingle. They had a son named Clarence Andrew Self jr. aka "C. A. Self", born 12-12-1923, died 10-04-1994. Other children of Clarence and Sallie Self were Cone, Archie, Betty, Joe, Eilene, and one child, Bobby Carol who died as an infant. They all are from the Lincolnton area of NC. This is all I know of the Selfs, and any help would be appreciated.

#101153 We start with Claude Fellows, born Sept. 2, 1886, in Hanna, McIntosh County, OK, who married Callie M. Self, born Dec. 28, 1883, who died about 1942, place unknown. They were the parents of seven children - Leana, Ivory, Nettie, Homer D., Jess Willard Sr., Jewell, and Lola M. We believe we are back to a John Self, son of William N. Self and Catherine "Katy" Berryhill, but are missing place names and only have estimated dates. Part of our research problems have been the reluctantcy of the family to discuss the past was that the family was part Cherokee and Creek, to their way of thinking, was to be ashamed. We are in hopes that someone is able to help us fill in the blanks.

#102431 My earliest Selph related I have is William Selph that married Julia Chitwood Sept. 26, 1858 in the Oregon territory, Polk, County. I have lots of pictures of him. He was a blacksmith, but in most census he's listed as a farmer. Why? I don't know. I do know he came from Tenn. to Oregon about 1849. Other family members came with him. He also was a wagonmaster. Thomas Perkins, a boyhood friend of Grandpa Selph was on the work party who helped cleared the trail on the southern route before the wagons came through. Tom died of the cholera on the way just before the wagons got to Rogue River Valley. Polk County Oregon census he is listed on land #165 as 32 with his Father born in Tenn. In the family Bible it tells of William M. Selph as first coming to Oregon in 1848. It has his birth as April 1,1828, Nashville, Tenn. I have never confirmed that.

#102432 Isaac Self { 1807 in GA.} is my earliest proven Self. He m. Sarah Elizabeth Jeter {she b. ca. 1815 in GA} in GA ca. 1829. Their oldest child Elizabeth was b. in 1830 in GA, as were sisters Susan {b. ca. 1833} and Tabitha {b. ca. 1835}. By 27 June 1837 their son John was b. in AL.; daughter Jane b. ca. 1839 in AL. By 1840 the family was in Pontotoc Co., MS. There the following children were born: Isaac b. ca. 1843,Mary Ann Missouri b. 6 Dec. 1846, Sarah Ann Louisiana b. ca. 1849, Andrew b. ca. 1853, William C. b. ca. 1855. By the summer of 1858 the Self family was living in Sevier Co. AR. By Feb. 1863, father Isaac Self had died. Sarah Self remarried Nathan Kennedy in 1865 In Sevier Co; she remarried again in 1870 in Franklin Co., AR to Abner Striplin. Son John Self became my great grandfather through his son Isaac Eli Self to my father Sidney Sherman Self. Sources: U.S. Census Records; Sevier Co. and Franklin Co. AR. Records; family records.

#102433 My line is from: Jesse Self {1782-1868} & Mary Narramore , Joseph L. Self & Mary Jane Dyke, Alvin Walter Self & Rebecca Ann Highfield, Arvil Almer Self & Fern Ruth Huston, James Alvin Eugene Self & Virginia Mae Peet, Bryce Wheelock Self, that's me!

#102434 Not in the beginning, but on March 26, 1807 in Roane Co., Tenn., Henry Self married Elizabeth Allen, and the begat Wm. Nathan, Allen R., and God knows how many more Selfs. { not documented, only theory for now}. Then on Feb. 7, 1833, Blount Co., AL., Allen R. married Nancy Holloway and they begat: Phebe Clarinda, abt. 1834, Matthew Gilbert, abt. 1836, Rutha, 1838, Martha, 1840, Martin, 1842, Allen J., 1844, Debyan, 1847.

#102441 I am a descendant of John Self {m} 25 Mary 1798-Aggy Boulware. His son John Anderson Self {b} 1805, {d} 9 Jul 1866 {m} 1st , 13 Dec 1824 Jane Edwards, 2nd 21 Dec 1830-Mary Allport. His son John Anderson Self III {b} 18 April 1831, {d} 5 Jun 1907, {m} 8 Dec 1852 Sara Anne Pavy. His daughter Virginia Ann Selph {b} 6 Mar 1858, {d} 15 Jun 1927,{m} 10 Jan 1876 Thomas Boswell Pavy is my great grandmother. I believe that John Self {m} Aggy Boulware is the son of John B. Self {b} 4 Mar 1759, {d} 1826, {m} 6 Sept 1779 Sarah Harris. I believe this John is the son of William Self {m} Tabitha. This is the line I am trying to prove.

#102442 My Nathaniel Self was born in Hawkins Co. TN. His mother was Betsy Self Weir/Ware-father is still unknown. Someday I may get a family tree together for you.

#102443 Virgil b. Jun 1854, Ringold, Catoosa, GA., d. 3 Oct. 1909, Cardiff, Scott, AR., m. Annie L. McDougal, b. Mar. 1867, TX. d. 1908, Cardiff, Scott, AR., m. 14 Dec.1884, Scott, AR.

#102444 My Self ancestor: Dorothy "Dottie" Self, b. 4/26/1806 ; d. after 1842. Dottie m. abt 1825, probably in AL., to Joshua Burleson, b. 9/20/1808., d. 3/27/1887. Children to this union David"Greene"Burleson,b.12/24/1827,Hobson W. Burleson,b.2/15/1833,d.11/11/1895,m. to Sarah Ann Newberry, William S. Burleson b. 6/30/1835, Sarah Elizabeth Burleson, b. 1/31/1838, Edward H. Burleson, b. abt. 1842. After Dottie's death, Joshua remarried to Nancy Robbins. The above info is all I have on Dottie…no parents, siblings, etc. The names and some dates came from family Bible (a deceased relative had, now unknown who has it) and the rest from a Burleson researcher.

# 102445 Update. Reference Volume 9 page 73. Near the end where I talk about John Selfs obituary - it should say "John Waller Selfs obituary mentions his Grandfather as Presley Self"…..also since I sent that in I think I have found Daniel's first wife (Ann Robinson) from some material that Leroy & Jane sent me. They are the nicest people. Another little tidbit. I found my Daniel Self married a Mary Childress (2nd wife). I found her sister Caroline and she married a William Self in Ky. 1841….Will be interesting to find how he fits in.

# 102446 Kentucky addendum, Ref. Vol. 9 pages 12-13, Cumberland Co. Ky. History by Wells. A rebuttal.

I'm not in full agreement with what was written in this article. Though minor things,I'll list: 1. There is nothing to indicate the Selfs (John & family) came from Amelia Co., Va. to Ky. John was born there, but since his 3 tours in the Rev. War were from Buckingham Co., Va. I am inclined to believe he was living in Buckingham Co.

2. Should have mentioned that when he came to Ky. in 1789 he came to Madison Co. (I'm always hopeful that someone will find more information on that period).

3. The entries for the Irish Bottom Cemetery, in particular dates, do not agree with the information I have. Also, the child listed as "China" is actually "Chena". Hiram Self, whose wife Mary F. Self and 3 children are buried there, is my grandfather. My niece visited the cemetery and made careful notes of the names and dates. I have attached the information (it was going to be submitted before I got issue 1).

My niece also listed names from the Winfrey Cemetery plot with relatives. She kept a journal of her trek to locate the Self family home, etc. It was some years ago now but might be entertaining as to "On the Genealogy Hunt" and the fun it can be. If you want, I can send it for your review

#102451 William Austin Self b. 17 Nov 1904 in GA. Said to be Rome, GA. , also Walker Co. was mentioned. Austin died 14 Feb 1974 in OK. Austin's parents are William Thomas Self and Margie Anderson. According to headstones, Tom was born June 1874 and died 12 Mar 1935. No headstone reading for Margie, but learned she now has one. Tom and Margie were married in Walker Co., GA. 20 Oct 1901. There were marriages for Bassel Self and Cora Manning 19 Feb 1915 and Lula Myrtle Self and Gene Cecil Burke 12 Aug 1919. I looked at the 1900 census on the Walker Co., Webpage and found: East Armuchee District, William C. Self 71, Elizabeth 63, Thomas 23, Starict? 20, Bassel 9. I found no other Selfs on the census. I will have to order any other censuses as the local library has only the AR.

#102452 In a printed record I found the following: Tabitha Self, b about 1835; m 24 June 1858 in Hot Springs County, AR. To Ezra Johnson. Does anyone know anything about this Tabitha Self? In 1850 US Census for Pontotoc Co., MS, as a child of Isaac Self and Sarah Elizabeth Jeter is listed Tabitha Self, age 15, b GA. This census record is the only reference I have found for her. I had assumed that perhaps she had died. I do know that this Self family migrated to Sevier Co., AR by the summer of 1858. Though Hot Springs Co. is 3 or 4 counties northeast of Sevier Co, is it possible that this Tabitha could be the child of Isaac and Sarah?

#102453 I'm needing some information about a Chester Self who married a Margaret (Maggie) Patterson, she was born in 1899. We don't know nothing about Chester Self. I didn't know if he's kin to you all or not. I have been trying to find something about them, but without any luck. They are kin to my husband, George. George is also the GGG Grandson of James & Mary (Rev.) Standridge.

#102461 Desire information on my great grandparents William D. Selph and Mary Long (Lang), their parents, siblings, or other family members. Census records indicate William D. Selph born about 1809 in North Carolina as were both his parents (location unknown) and Mary Long born in Tennessee (location unknown) and both her parents born in North Carolina (location unknown). They were married in Maury County, Tennessee 7 June 1835 and had children born about as follows: George 1836, Julia 1837, John A. 1839, William M. 1841, Anderson Pinkney 1845, Mathha J. 1846, James J. 1847, Sydney 1852, Thomas 1854, Elliza or Louisa 1859. Census records show William D. and Mary Selph in Tennessee Counties of Lewis 1850, Madison 1860, Gibson 1870 and Crockett 1880. In 1880 Crockett County TN census William was shown as 72 years old and Mary as 68 years old, living in the Coxville area indicating they died after 1880. Due to transportation restraints it is believed they would have been buried in the general area however have been unable to find any church, court, or cemetery record of same. Census records for 1850,1860,1870 showed spelling as Self, however, 1880 census, marriage records, military records, and other documents all indicate spelling as Selph. In 1850 census of Lewis County, Tennessee there are four families living next to each other: #516 James C. Long, age 20 born TN, Jane age 23 born NC, Sarah age 10/12 born TN. #517 William D. Self age 41 born NC, Mary age 35 born TN, and 7 children. #518 John Long age 33 born TN, Letty age 32,born TN, and 5 children. #519 Margaret Long age 45(?) born NC. This would tend to indicate that Long is the correct spelling of Mary's maiden name and that the other three families are related to Mary Long.

#103761 - I am searching for information on the family of Lourina Anna SELPH, my grandmother. She was born 19 Mar 1849 in Dover, Stewart Co., TN. Lourina married Franklin Alonzo DUNBAR 22 Jul 1874 in Alton, IL. They were in Texas from approximately 1877 until 1888. They then moved to Kirkwood, MO. Lourina died 8 Jun 1900 and is buried next to Franklin at Oak Park Cemetery, Kirkwood, MO. Her death certificate did not list her parents or even her husband. It even has her name as Sourina instead of Lourina. I was informed that Bertha Selph HIGGS who died in Collinsville, IL was my dad's cousin. Bertha's father was Robert SELPH. So, if Bertha was my dad's cousin I wonder if Robert was Lourina's brother. I am hopeful that someone can help me find Lourina's family.

#103762 - In Cumberland Co. Kentucky Will Records 1815-1912 on Page 42, it lists the Will of John H. Philpot and shows it was witnessed by....Guy Self, John Self, Jr....11-15-1839. Does anyone have any information on who this John Self, Jr. is?

#103763 - Isaac Self born ca. 1807 in GA., married Sarah Elizabeth Jeter born ca. 1815 in GA., Their children are as follows: Elizabeth born ca 1830 in GA.; Susan born ca 1833 in GA.; Tabitha born ca 1835 in GA.; John born 27 June 1837 in AL.; Jane born ca 1839 in AL. Isaac born ca 1843 in MS.; Mary Ann Missouri born 6 Dec. 1846, MS.; Sarah Ann Louisiana born ca. 1849, MS.; Andrew born ca. 1853, MS.; William C. born ca. 1855, MS.

My Isaac Self family was on the 1840, 1845, and 1850 Pontotoc County, MS. Census. Isaac's brother, Jethro (Jet) Self is shown on the 1840 Upson County, GA. census. I have not been able to prove Isaac and Jethro's father, though an old family pedigree chart shows their father as John with no documentation. By 1858 Isaac and his family moved from Pontotoc Co., Mississippi into Sevier Co. Arkansas. Isaac & Sarah are shown on the 1860 Sevier County, Arkansas census in the household with their daughter Elizabeth Self Jordan, wife of Jackson J. Jordan. Isaac Self died before 1864. His wife, Sarah married Nathan Kennedy May 4, 1865, in Sevier County, Arkansas. Sarah married again in 1870 in Franklin County, Arkansas to Abner Striplin. I do not know Sarah's date of death or place of burial.

Isaac's son, John Self with his wife Nancy Ann Hamby Self are shown in the 1870 Franklin County, Arkansas Census records next to the Striplin family. John Self and Nancy Ann Hamby married August 25, 1864, in Upson County, Ga. John and Nancy's daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Self is my Great Grandmother. Sarah Elizabeth Self married Daniel Washington Jackson, 12 October 1884, Mena, Polk Co., Arkansas. John and Nancy Self, Sarah Elizabeth Self Jackson and Daniel Washington Jackson are all buried in the Concord Cemetery in Ink, Polk County, Arkansas. I am seeking the parents of my Isaac, as well as, death and burial information on my Isaac and Sarah Elizabeth Striplin.

#103771 - Richard Self and Ann Veatch are first found in Loudoun County, VA., in the early 1760's, where it is assumed the 3 known daughters and one son were born. With the absence of later tax records in Loudoun County, VA., it is likely that this family then removed to Frederick County, MD. where Richard Self dies about 1773, followed by his wife Ann in 1775. The one named son - John Halling Self was to inherit all the lands of Richard. Does anyone know of the lands inherited? Is anyone of descent from Richard Self and Ann Veatch?

#103772 - Melchezedec Self married Catherine Moore in NC in 1801. Possibly two of their children were born in NC. Adam b 1802 and Clarissa b 1804. Then , they went into TN and remained there until about 1823. Children born there were: Mary b 1805; Isaac b 1808, Abraham b 1811, Catheron b 1813, and Esther b 1815. Some researchers list James b 1817 and Elizabeth b 1822. The family next removed to Jackson Co. Ala. where Jacob was born in1825. The children began to marry. Adam married Mahala McKie. Mary married Washington Smith. Catheron m James Bennett. Clarissa md. William Wright. Esther md. James Fletcher. Abraham md. Martha Freemen and later Lucinda DuBois. Jacob md. Ambrillia Norman. This large group of Selfs removed to Fannin Co. TX around 1845. Many of the children's children had married by this time and they moved too.

My query is for anyone out there working on Catheron Self Bennett orEsther Self Fletcher or Isaac Self to exchange information with. The Bennetts and the Fletchers may have gone into Ark. We think Isaac's widow and children stayed in Ala..

This was the last move for Melchezedec, Adam, Esther, Jacob, and Abraham as they died in Fannin Co. and are buried there. However , this mobile family moved to other parts of TX, OK, and Ark.

#103773 - Seeking descendants of William Thomas Atterberry Self, b. Ky 1827 thru his children; Cordelia, b. 1850-In., Clarence, b. 1854-In.,Virginia, b.1856 In., Alvin b, 1858 In., Davis, b.1860 Mo., Thomas, b.1868 Mo, Anna b. 1870 Mo. I have info on one of his children, Francis Lafayette.[ living in Mo with his family ] Wm. Thos.A.'s family kept moving West at very fast pace., married a 2nd time in Co. Wm. Thos. Atterberry died in CA. 1921. I have checked all the census for each year, It appears this family missed being counted in most census.

#103781 - My line is Frank Orval Self- Claude Orval Self- George Thomas Self-James Harvey Self-Presley Self- Charnock Self- Thomas Self- Henry Self-Proven; From Henry back it is conjecture....Francis Selfe - Robert Selfe...Henry could belong to Stephen or Francis, either one. Anyone have any ideas on this??

#103782 - My family line began as follows: John Self - born 1762 in Amelia Co., VA. came to Madison County, KY in 1789 settled in Cumberland Co. KY. in 1809 brought family/children: Robert m. Letty Hendren 2-17-1807 Madison Co., KY.; Fanny m. George Logan August 1, 1811 Cumberland Co., KY.; Diana m. James Hendron May 1, 1815 Cumberland Co., KY.; Guy m. Matilda Goggins, c. William J. (b. 1829) m. Mary (Polly) Guinn (b.1830) ; Elizabeth m. Fredrick Smith March 1, 1811 Cumberland Co., KY. and "Others"

Of course I would love to know the "Others"--even one of the "Others." I also would like the names and any other information available on the grandchildren of John. I have information on Guy's child William but that's the only one. In the book The History of Cumberland County, KY by Wells, there is a lot of information on the Goggins, Bledsoe and Smith families, but not all the children of the above.

#103783 - I'll begin my ancestors with the probable children of Spencer-John Self born about 1752-Amelia Co, Va. His five known children were: 1-Spencer, b-abt 1774-NC; 2-Levi, b-1782-NC; 3-Elijah, b-abt 1783-SC; 4-Hezekiah Self, b-abt 1788-NC; 5-Nathaniel Self, b-1791-NC. My father was Arthur Marion Self b-1902, his father, James Franklin b-1875; his father, Gilbert Selathian b-1851; his father Levi S. b-1826 was the son of the above Levi b-1782. I would like to exchange information on families connected to the above ancestors. Doris Howard & I believe we share the same ancestor Hezekiah/Ezekiel b-1788.

#103784 - My earliest known ancestor is Issac Self, born about 1759 in Rutherford County, NC. He was married to Nancy (my records show her maiden name was Henderson). They lived in Rutherford County, NC and Rhea County, TN before coming to Jefferson County, AL. Issac died about 1848 in Jefferson County, AL. They had 9 known children, 2 of which I am descended from. The first is William, born in 1793 in TN, died on August 3, 1846 in Blount County, AL. William married Rebecca Ware in TN and they both died in Blount County, AL. Their son Jesse E. married Sarah Taylor. Their son John Wesley married Gemima Hall. Their son, James Pierce married Pearlie Elmira Canaday. Their son, Alfred Levi married Velma Lucille Brasher. Their son, Clyde Roland married Linda Joyce Cato. Clyde and Linda are my parents. The second son of Issac & Nancy that I'm descended from is Elijah born between 1790 & 1800 and died after July 14, 1849. Elijah married Polly Henson. Their daughter, Emeline, married Benjamin Goodwin on December 25, 1837 in Jefferson County, AL. Their son, Mannon (Manning) married Mary Rebecca McCombs. Their daughter Lebeth married William Fate Brasher. Their son Manuel Alex married Sarah Ellen Curry. Their daughter, Velma Lucille married Alfred Levi Self. Their son, Clyde is my father.

#103791 - My Self relations were from N.W. Georgia. My Greatgrandfather, Starrett Harrison Self was born in 1880 in Rocky Face (Whitfield County) Ga. As an adult, he lived in Subligna (Chattooga County). Starretts father, W.G. Self died in 1907. My greatgrandmother has siblings in the textile industry according to the 1900 census.

#103792 - I am positive of three generations of Selfs buried in Moberly, MO. My father - Lewis F. Self, my grandfather - Eugene F. Self, and my great grandfather - John R. Self. John R. Self is the son of Stewart Self, who is the grandson of John Self of Virginia (See Volume IV pages 18-20 will of John Self of Frederick County, VA.) as mentioned in the will.

I believe the daughter of John Self called Fannie was a separate person who married Samuel Ellzea and came to the Hannibal area about 1835 from Virginia. Stewart Self and Frances (Fanny) Self came about the same time.

# 1041031 Looking for Francis J. Self, b-20 Mar 1851 in Alabama, d-20 Jun 1876 and is buried at the Mount Zion Methodist Cemetery in Cullman Co. AL, (only 25 years old), married David (Dancer) Turney 16 Dec 1869 in Blount Co, AL. I have no vitals on him. (Anybody know him?) Their daughter who is my g-grandmother is Josie Adeline Turney, b-29 Mar 1872 in Cullman Co. AL, d-20 Feb 1952 in Cullman Co. AL. I would really love to find out about the parents/siblings and so on of Francis. She and her husband are two of my ''brick walls."

#1041032 Stewart/Stuart Self, born about 1802 in VA. married 1/15/1829 in Frederick Co. VA to Nancy Ann Silver (born 9/12/1813 in Frederick Co. VA-died 3/8/1878 Ralls Co. MO). We can go no further back & would appreciate further information on Stewart Self. I have a great deal on the Silver branch through Hand, Way, Boggess, Bennet, & Dodson.

#1041033 Ref: William Self of query on page 55, Volume 7 Issue 3. Residing 1779 in Prince Edward Co. VA.; Bought land 1779 in Bedford Co., VA. (1782 became Campbell Co.); taxed 1782 in Cumberland Co., VA.; sold land 1786 in Campbell Co., VA.; Will proved 1791 in Cumberland Co., VA, naming children: "Thomas, William, Kezekiah Hucheaba, Jinne Farmer, Jemima Homeley, Frances Ann Ramsey (born 1763), Sarah Woolston (Walston), and Susannah (who md. James Smith 1793)." Could my William Isaac Self be the "son William" named in the will of William Self (Vol. 7 #3)? Note how the dates/locations match: --William Isaac Self, b. 1775 in Prince Edward Co., VA. married 1795 in Bedford Co., VA to Dicey Vaughan

#1041034 Looking for information on Andrew Self. He married Lottie J. Howard Feb.27, 1887 in Jackson County, Arkansas. Their children were: 1) Ausie Louin Self b. July, 27, 1891 in Texas. Died June 1967 in Texas. 2) Eva (Evie) Self b. July 7, 1897 in Arkansas. Died July 2, 1980 in Fresno, Ca. Buried at Cherokee Memorial Park in Lodi, Ca. Eva Married Roscoe Boulton of Tenn. Had (10) children. (have names) 3) Cleve? 4) Zeb? 5) Pearl? All were born in Arkansas, except Ausie Louin. I have been working on this family for 6 months, and the above information is all I have been able to obtain. Anyone who may have information about Andrew and his family, please contact.

#1041035 I'm looking for a Celia Self who married Thompson Collins. I show her born around 1787, probably in Buncombe County, but not definitely. They moved to North Georgia in the early 1800s and raised their family there. She is my GGGG-grandmother.

#1041041 Looking for Spencer SELF who was born abt. 1757. Wife unknown at this time. They had a son named John in 1777 in VA. SECOND GENERATION - John married Nancy ?? about 1797 in possibly Smith CO, TN. They had the following known children; William B-abt. 1800, Olive-abt. 1802, Docia or Dosier-1806, Unknown Female-1811, Winnie-abt. 1814, and Emeriah M.-1816. The children were all believed to have been born in TN. This family was living in Marion Co, AL at one time. John died there in 1851 and his wife Nancy before 1850. I don't know any thing else about this family but, would like to know more about them.

#1041042 Seeking parents for Samuel Zachariah Self born ca. 1815, married (1) 1835 Elizabeth Brickley, widow, Richmond County, VA., and (2) 1845 Martha Luckham, Richmond County, VA. What are his birth and death dates? Also seeking any information on his sons born to his marriage with Elizabeth Brickley - Madison born ca. 1836 and Samuel born ca. 1838. From Samuel Zachariah Selfs marriage to Martha Luckham he had children: Jane E. md (1) Phillip Hinson (2) George ?? (3) James Showers; Cordelia md John M. Shelton; Isabella md James H. George; Mahala md Albin H. George; Almonia died young; John Robert Self md Ida Mary Luckham; Martha md ?? Miles or Meyers and moved to Maryland; Willie A. md John Thomas Crandall; and George md Alice Hooker.

#1041043 I am looking for Plesent Self b.12-1855 AL m. Mary A. b.3-1861 AR. Children William T. b.8-1881, James A. b.3-1884, Dora B. b.12-1883, Plesant (male) b.11-1886, Jessie (male) b. 2-1889, Robert N. b.3-1890, Elizabeth b.12-1892, Emma T. b.7-1895, Dora B. is my g grandmother.

#1041044 Am looking for my grandmothers family - Mary Leander (Molly) Self, born Dec. 24, 1869 in Sardis, AL., died Feb. 18, 1955 in Clay County, AR. She married William Franklin Roden on May 30, 1897. They had 6 children, all born in Alabama. I wish to learn more of her immediate family and on back as far as possible.

#1041045 Susan SELF born around 1799 to 1806. She married Henry Haws STORY in 1825 NC. Probably around Perry, NC. They had Melvin born 1-4-1826 Madison or Perry Co. TN, Margaret 1829 TN, and Mary Emily 1831. Susan died in 1833 Perry CO. TN. Need information on Susan SELF's parents and siblings.

#1041046 I'm trying to find information on my GGG Grandmother Rebecca "Becca" Self. She was born about 1795 in South Carolina and died before 1862. She was married to Jacob Crow. Any help is appreciated.

#1041051 Jacob Self, Sr. ca 1750 Va., N.C., Melchezedec 1777 N.C., Abraham Pinkney 1811 Tn., George Washington 1838 Fannin Co., Tx., John Henry 1868 Fannin Co., Tx and George Britton ( Brit ) Self 1895 Fannin Co., Tx. are my line. My query is about Abraham Pinkney Self, born in Rutherford Co., Tn., in regard to his first wife. I have two names shown as possibly being the right one, or maybe neither are the right name for her. One name is just "Susanna" and no surname. The other is Martha Freeman as the first wife. I know Lucinda Dubois is the second wife for she is buried in New Salem Cemetary, Fannin Co., Tx. as is Abraham Pinkney. His first wife is the mother of Geo.Washington Self and a daughter Lucy Ann Self, so I would appreciate any information anyone might have to clarify this.

#1041052 My gtgrandfathers name was Jasper Newton Self, born 1848 in Clay, Jefferson County, C Alabama, died in 1921, buried here in Clay Alabama. Married Artelia Jane Little from Leeds, Alabama, she was born 1859 (this her second marriage and his first wife was Florence Merriken) . She died in 1902.

#1041053 The earliest Self ancestor I have verified is William B. Self married to Mary Elizabeth (Polly) Burleson. They lived in Freestone County, Tx in 1858. I have read the information submitted on this family to the Freestone genealogy society which lists their children. Their daughter, Patience Malinda Self married John T. Cockrum. I am a descendent of this marriage as follows: John T. Cockrum- son William Benjamin Cockrum - son Everett Lee Cockrum (who changed the spelling to Cochran) - daughter Ora Alice Cochran Littlejohn - daughter Eva Lyn Littlejohn Margle. I know that Loraine Self Saario from California has done a lot of research on the Self family. She is also descended from the same William B. Self/Polly Burleson marriage. I am interested in the parents of William B. Self and the rest of the Self lineage. I feel certain the Self family must have come to Texas during the time Texas was a Republic, or shortly thereafter, but have not found this to be true at this point. Can you tell me where William B. and family came to Texas from and when.

#1041054 My Self Family - First Generation. William Nathan Self, son of Henry Self and Elizabeth Allen was born in South Carolina about 1807. He migrated from South Carolina to Alabama in 1820. He married Frances Taylor on November 16, 1826 in Blount county, AL. William Self died at the age of 53. He and Frances had the following children: Henry Self 1827; Jesse Self 1828; Elizabeth Self 1831; Allen Robert Self 1832; Jackson Self 1833; William Mattheas Self 1834; John L. Self 1835; Nancy R. Self 1838; Hannah A. Self 1840; James Self 1841; Tabbetha Self 1843; Nathan R. Self 1846; Campbell Self 1848.

#1041061 The earliest Self that I have been able to tie myself to is Samuel Zachariah Self, shown as Zachariah on the 1850 Census of Richmond county, VA., and Zach on the marriage records of his children. On the 1850 Census he is listed as being 35 years of age with his wife Martha, children: Madison age 14, Samuel age 12, James E. age 4, and Cordelia age 2. Samuel Zachariah married (1) Elizabeth Brickley, a widow, March 1835, and (2) Martha Luckham April 29, 1845. Therefore sons Madison and Samuel listed in 1850 census were probably from his first marriage and James E. (which is actually Jane E.) and Cordelia were from the second marriage. The 1860 Census of Richmond County, VA. lists the family with only children by the second marriage, namely Jane E., Cordelia, Isabella, Mahala, John R., and Martha A. By the 1870 Census Samuel Zachariah Self must have passed away for the family is not listed as a unit. Children have either married or are living in other homes, and Martha Self, the widow, is now living in Lancaster County, VA. with son George, keeping house for Thomas Star. I descend from Samuel Zachariah Self's son John Robert Self, thru his daughter Mary Virgie Self who married A.R. Douglas.

#1041062 My early Self ancestry is that of Elizabeth Self, daughter of Parrish Self of Chatham County, N.C. Elizabeth married James Duncan in Chatham Co. about 1791. In 1850 they were farming in Franklin Co. AL. An unmarried daughter, Sarah, was living with them, whereas their son, Garner Parish Self farmed next door. In 1860, Sarah was head of her own household, so I am assuming that James and Elizabeth died between 1850-1860 in Franklin. Co. AL. As yet, I have not found documentation for their death or burial.

#1041063 My genealogy quest flickered to life in 1982 when I signed up to purchase "The Self Family Heritage" book, which of course, is primarily a glorified address book of persons named Self. The Book went on the shelf and sat for 12 years until 1994, when I wrote about a dozen form letters to people with my given name (Edward), or my father's (Henry), with addresses in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. Letters also went out to ALL the Selfs in Tampa (my birthplace). The letters contained only the most meager information as I knew very little about my father. He'd owned a gas station / garage in Tampa about 1926, and was a good mechanic. Most of the letters came back because the 14 year old addresses were no longer any good. But one struck gold!

This address was also no good, but the postmaster recognized Betsey Self as '.. one of the O'Neal girls' , and passed it on to her father. Shortly thereafter I got a phone call from the ex-wife of a half-brother I never knew existed! A death certificate gave me the names of my fathers parents, and obituaries provided names of other relatives. Census records gave me clues, but finding my grandfathers parents was a problem because he was born in 1881, and was no longer living at home when the 1900 census was taken. He was then living with his aunt Sarah Little, age 54. By then I knew my grandmothers name was Elizabeth, and that her age was 58. So I searched the 1850 census records until I found a 4 year old Sarah and an 8 year old Elizabeth. Then by working forward from 1850, I was able to verify that I had indeed located the correct Sarah and Elizabeth Whitney. One bit of good fortune was an unusual given name, ZENO. Due to this rather uncommon name, I've made several connections I might have missed, including a move from Macon, Georgia, to Dallas, Texas. Sherman's 'march to the sea' has complicated my search, and the earliest I've been able to reach is the 1850 census, where William Self, age 46, is married to Rebecca, age 48. I have one or two possibilities, but nothing proven. My great grandfather, William Joseph Self, had six brothers and one sister. His wife, Elizabeth Jane, had 7 sisters and one brother. In my research I've accumulated a great deal of information on them as well.

#1041071 My earliest known Self ancestor is George W. Self, my, believed to have been born in Ohio. Eventually moved to Buncombe County, NC and married Sarah Crowder. One of their daughters is my greatgrandmother, Sarah "Sallie" E. Self, born 17 Sept. 1847 in Buncombe County, NC, Died 25 Oct. 1902, Buncombe County, and buried at Ebenezer Church cemetery, in the Sandy Mush area of the County. She married McManniel (Mack) O. Clark on 21 Dec. 1872, and lived in Buncombe County until her death. I know nothing else of the Self family.

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